Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is there such a thing as a lady having too many lipsticks??

I think before it's too late, I better put up this post which I wanted to draft months ago ;)

Is there such a thing as having too many lipsticks for us ladies???

tower of lip colours
a tower of lippies??

At last count, I found that I've been lugging around 5 types of lip colours in my handbag at all times - I have a lip gloss, 1 moisturising red lippie, 1 moisturising plum lippie, 1 nude colour and one more a current favourite that I was recently gifted. And why, you ask (well, my Mr Oosband would ask) do I need to carry 5 lip colours??


First of all, being someone sensitive to many brands of lipsticks before this, I am extremely surprised at the number of lipsticks I am now able to wear. Those that were known to make my lips itch and swell are getting lesser and although I was not able to wear shimmering colours because those glitters used to make my lips itchy and dry, I was shocked that my first shimmering colour from an Estee Lauder event in 2010 worked totally perfect for my dry lips.

From then on, I started to get adventurous and found myself acquiring many new lip products from brands I couldn't even imagine using... and they all work really well on me. Most of the brands have now come up with moisturising lip colours and I guess consumers have also started to prefer them for their moisturising benefits even if the colours do not stay on for more than 4 hours. This is good news for me because I do not mind it one bit if the colour does not last... my main aim would be for my lips to stay moisturised and the colour does not look patchy.

I'd like to think that Dior had set the platform for all other brands to follow suit. When it launched the super creamy, uber moisturising Serum de Rouge, selling at RM109 a piece, it still managed to grab the market as women are not afraid to spend for a good lip product. It's just too bad that their colours are so limited that you only get a few pieces from a range so small. However, from then on, I realised that brands started to market moisturising lip colours, all trying to fight for the piece of the market share with claims that their products are not only moisturising but with colours that last as well.

Hence, my collection started to grow and hasn't stopped since :)

So, one day, while I saw the number of lipsticks in my handbag, I wondered if I already have too many of them and found these (note: this photo was taken around 2 months ago) and more have been added to the collection! :D

massive lippies
they may not be too many for someone who blogs about beauty products but for someone who's only started to experiment brands other than Bobbi Brown, I think I have amassed these pretty quick, don't you think?

How many lip colours do you already own? Which one is your favourite?


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I am not even going to count mine. Seriously. No. Although maybe I should hehe... But you have a very nice collection! I see a lot of brands (sans MAC) that I use too and that means... ahem... good taste! hehe... ;)

plue said...

there's never too many lipsticks for a lady hehe

i don't want to count mine. and neither i want to count my blushes too :P

you love your reds and berry colours ya? :D

Nia said...

I only have 2 because I am not allowed to wear any make up to work :(

p/s: i dah baca blog ur friend, v.informative, thanks dear!

toughcookie said...

dear Paris,
oooh i am not sure if you can even count them ;P

yes, yes... am learning good taste from you...

toughcookie said...

hehe yeah... i guess there is no such thing, really :)

heyyyy... you're very observant and you have a sharp eye! yes, i especially love my berries but the red shades are only because my Mr Oosband loves to see me in red lipstick.

toughcookie said...

alamak... tak boleh pakai lipstick to work? oh wow... for hygienic reasons, perhaps?

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