Friday, April 30, 2010

Dior's brilliant products: Serum de Rouge & Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

As I've mentioned in my personal blog, I have extremely sensitive lips and I thought there was only one brand of lip colour that could protect my lips with repeated use.

But around late last year, a friend did a review on Dior's Serum de Rouge and I was intrigued with it because not only did it contain moisturising serum, the packaging was uber gorgeous too! When I met up with her for a buka puasa gathering among ex-schoolmates, she brought the lipstick with her and showed me it's creamy texture.

there were plenty of positive reviews for this sexy lippie.

Having super dry chapped lips every hour of every day is never a joy to me. And I so hate having to wear lip balm all the time because my lips will stain anything it touches, especially so when I am playing with my darling Jada and I am not able to kiss her chubby cheeks or blow into her tummy with my mouth. So, I am game for any lippie that will not only make my lips kissy-dewy-gorgeous yet has all the properties that could keep my lips moisturised even after the colour has faded throughout the day.

The thing is, this particular lippie costs RM109 for a stick. Very costly, no?? But at that time, I just couldn't resist its sexiness, especially for its ultra moisturising properties, as shared by my friend, Yani.

It glides on very smoothly and the colour pretty much stays on throughout the few hours before your next meal (say lunch or tea time). Now we all know that moisturising lipsticks do not have staying power but I must say that even after a meal, although most of the colour has come off, there is still some hints of shade on my lips, that I don't really have to touch up if I am lazy... and I would appear looking very natural.

I got a coral and a rosy shade but I have finished up the rosy one and now that it is out, I suddenly realised that I just couldn't get to deposit it into the trash can. It is just too gorgeous! But what can I do with it? It isn't recyclable...

I just wish that Dior would do a recycling campaign the way MAC does with their compact cases... say get a free lippie (or even a discount voucher) with every 6 (or even 10!) Rouge de Serum used-up sticks.

And while we're on this topic, I would also like to write about this brilliant product from Dior - the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. A make-up artist for Dior, Alias Bahari, introduced me to this magic gloss cum lip balm that plumps up the lips instantly due to the presence of collagen in its list of ingredients. Most importantly, it moisturises my lips with a cool minty effect.

If you've read my previous post on my love for minty stuff, you would understand why I didn't think twice about getting this as well.

The best thing about it is that you could use it as a night treatment. Alias told me to use it every night before going to bed for 7 days and you'll see the difference to your lips. Well, since I am not a very disciplined person for all these consecutive days challenges since I have other things on my hands (plus the fact that I would sometimes be too sleepy to even remember to put it on), I didn't get to make it a full 7 days. However, a good 3 consecutive nights was sufficient for it to prove to me that it works! My lips felt smooth for an entire day even without lip colour and my chapped lips were a thing of the past.

Useful tip: is to wipe off the wand on a clean piece of tissue everytime after you have applied it to your lips. Everytime.

Indulge, if you can. It costs RM80 at the time of purchase, which was probably some time in December 2009.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review my dear. Yes, RM109 for a lippie is a bit costly. Maybe I will buy just one? :p hehe

toughcookie said...

once you dah beli satu, you sure akan beli lagi satu i tell you...

a good tip to make the stick last longer: to only use as touch up because the stick is soooo gorgeous. don't use it as a main lippie because it'll deplete pretty quickly.