Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Clarins Skin Spa @BSC

I have to admit that I love Clarins' body products. I've been using them since after my first baby was born and I would occasionally use them whenever I feel that I need the extra help. You don't need to just think of cellulite for you to use their body products as there are quite a variant even for daily use. Best example would be their Relax and Tonic bath gel. They're excellent! I love their smell and the way their aroma make me feel at the end of a shower.

Recently, I've been buying Clarins' face products again after awhile and I was lucky that they had a redemption scheme where each RM100 of products purchased will allow you a 10 minutes free treatment in Clarins Skin Spa. I only found out about the promotion around 10 days before its due date and thus, only managed to get myself 30 minutes worth of treatment. Hence, I opted for a complimentary body scrub... and since I booked myself for that treat, I thought why not also book myself for a facial.

I have to admit though, that Clarins hasn't been a favourite facial destination before this. I don't know... I just never thought their facial treatment suits my skin in the long run, simply because they do not do extractions. My skin is different than many and although a lot of my friends swear by the treatment from Clarins, I on the other hand would only pay them a visit once in a blue moon when I feel that I just want a pampering session without having to endure torturous extractions. And, that will only happen when I think my skin is problem free, which is very very rare.

But, what I do love about Clarins Skin Spa is the fact that they have large treatment rooms, with a huge closet for you to keep your stuff.

And since I was doing a body treatment as well, the room is attached to a spacious shower booth. Very comfy, I must say, and I was naughty enough to actually use both shower gels, one after another ;)

I must also say that since this is my first visit to the Clarins Skin Spa after probably a year, I am pleasantly surprised at the facial treatment. I never remembered that their treatment can be a little comprehensive. I mean, they not only massaged my hands, they also apply many stuff on my hands. They even scrubbed my lips and they did it with very gentle strokes. Should I say that they had probably improved their techniques and added a few steps to their usual facial routine?

They started with a relaxing movement all over my body, which is a standard in any facial treatments. I don't remember each and every step because I totally enjoyed the session since my body was dead tired from working the day before, as an *ehem* emcee *ehem* for a very special event ;)

I chose the whitening treatment and I thought the scrub and mask that they used on my face was working its magic since I can feel my face tingle. I know for a fact that since they do not perform extractions, they do have this special exfoliation product that they layer on your face, which may be as effective as extractions, for some.

I like that they paid special attention to my decolletage... they are not stingy in the amount of products they slather neither are they ignorant when massaging the shoulders. It felt like heaven and I surprised myself awake when I thought I heard my own snore! Haha...

All the aches on my back was somewhat cured since they switched on the heating blanket under me which warmed up my body and relaxed my tired, aching nerves. I left the place feeling so energised and my face was glowing... what a perfect end to a weekend.

What I also love about the Clarins Skin Spa in BSC, they do not do any hard sell and before this when I came to try out some products, they were very willing to give out samples. And I thought that was a very good move because I came back 2 days later to purchase some items.

Anyways, after the treatment, the therapist informed me that their Christmas coffret will be out by November 2011 and there will be a special 10-day promotion for members. I saw their Christmas coffret on their latest newsletter and I think there are interesting gift sets that you can find, if you are a fan of Clarins. Do check out with them if you need more information regarding the members promotion or coffret sets.

By the way, my facial treatment was priced at RM228 per session and I was told that during the members' promotion, you might enjoy a buy 4 get 1 free, with complimentary 5 eye treatments as well to go with the package.

I think after this experience, Clarins Skin Spa might just be in my list of favourite facial treatment destination....

Have you tried any treatments from Clarins Skin Spa? If yes, which of the treatments you enjoy most?


Fiona said...

Hi Toughcookie,

I absolutely adore Clarins products :) I started with Shaping Facial Lift in March 2011 and I never stop buying since then. I only tried their facial twice; first time due to the free facial voucher and the second time is their irresistible special price for hydating facial. Having tried 2 different facial, I must say I love their whitening treatment. I went with a migrain, neck and shoulder pain and I left feeling totally relieved from all the pain. It's amazing.


Anonymous said...

I love facials at Clarins because they do not do extractions. My skin is rather sensitive that it tends to be sore, bumpy and flaky for at least a week after doing extractions :-( So the Clarins facial is ideal for me.

I've not tried the branch in BSC and it looks like a good facility. Which reminds me, I need to book myself in for a facial soon as I have not had one for more than 6 months.

I love that Relax body line too and agree that the scent is absolutely lovely.

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I have never tried Clarins' body treatments. I hear they are very good! I'm planning to try the body oil next because I like the smell :D Their facials are lovely, just that I get a bit irritated because I can never go to sleep when they are doing so many things to my face :P

toughcookie said...

the shaping facial lift is good, yes? one of their christmas coffret has the shaping facial lift + whitening serum in one package plus 2 other freebies in deluxe size. i can't wait to get it.

good to know that you also enjoy their whitening facial :)

toughcookie said...

hiya lyn,
omg 6 months? damn... i am so dependent on facials that if i stretch over 6 weeks, my skin will look so dull and donnow what can be seen lurking out of my large open pores :(

go book go book and enjoy yourself! :D

toughcookie said...

dear Paris,
i've tried several body treatments before and absolutely love all of them. my only complaint would be that the treatments always seem to end wayyy too soon ;P

funny that during the facial, i kept asking myself as well whether i will fall asleep or end up like you, not being able to snooze at all. yes, they do a lot of stuff on the face and then the hands and then the legs and the neck bla bla bla it's just amazing to just wonder what they'll do next. but since i was really tired, i actually fell asleep ;)

Fiona said...

Yes Shaping Facial Lift is good. Works for me. Normally I have 4 bottles of back-up at home.

I prefer their Shaping Facial Lift best buy set more as it's slightly cheaper and you get 1 full size for free and 1 deluxe sample. Planning to get another set :) Hopefully it's still available haha.

There's a PWP promo for Xmas set / SFL.

Connie De Alwis said...

I've only tried the Clarins facial in KLCC. They're one of the better ones but probably not the best? Only in terms of making me feel totally and utterly relaxed.

beetrice said...

The very first time I tried a Clarins treatment was a massage that I won from MixFM (yeah, THAT long ago!). I remember falling asleep during the session, so it must've been good..

Have tried their facials a couple of times as well and loved it, but alas, I never have the time to go! >.<

toughcookie said...

hi fiona,
ya, i saw that PWP from Clarins Malaysia facebook page. It is a very good deal but I prefer buying from the Skin Spa which does not carry that promotion. Unfortunately, their deals (counter vs Skin Spa) can vary.

glad that the product works for you... am definitely getting the shaping facial lift set :)

toughcookie said...

i've always wanted to try the KLCC outlet but never had the chance. i mean, their treatments can be really quick, ie. 60 minutes, and one can just get away during lunch time. but a little difficult to get the slot during lunch time, me thinks.

toughcookie said...

hiya bee,
their massages are heavenly! i love their hand movements and the pressure is just right. but best of all, is the smell of their body oil. oohhh... now i wanna get a massage pulak ;P

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