Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

cleansing milks
I love cleansing milks. Due to my easily clogged skin, I would always double cleanse my skin in the evening. After I remove my eye makeup using an eye makeup remover, I would start my cleansing routine with a cleansing milk.

However, most cleansing milks I've used are always too rich for me, more suited for the mature, dry and sensitive skins, and would always leave a sticky residue. They also more often than not, contain mineral oil, which is pore-clogging. Hence, instead of cleaning my face from the daily dirt and grind, I would end up further clogging my skin and my face will have those little bumps that's so difficult to remove.

And, I love them cleansing milk so much that I would always pump more than I need. I mean, all the cleansing milks I've tried smell so wonderful that my cleansing routine becomes so relaxing and calming after a tired day. Therefore, those cleansers that cost so much would usually last me around 3 weeks max ;P

Recently however, while browsing around Guardian, I chanced upon a lovely product that may work as well (or better!) than those cleansing milks 6-7 times its retail price.

cleansing milk
This little beauty cost less than RM20 (around RM16+, if I am not mistaken)...

It promises to be soap-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and dermatologist & opthalmologist-tested... meaning - good for your skin, won't irritate you and you can remove your eye makeup as well with this one product (although I wouldn't recommend that you use it to remove eye makeup). Best of all, it deep cleanses your skin.

I gave it a try and I am now into my second bottle already :)

Not only does it deep cleanse my skin, I am also able to use it guilt-free with 4-5 pumps each use. Well, I think you only really need 2-3 pumps but like I said, I LOVE cleansing milks ;)

Why do I like using a cleansing milk as opposed to an oil cleanser to remove my makeup? Well, the main reason would be because of its smooth texture compared to the thicker oil cleanser. A milk cleanser is better known to calm the sensitive/drier/mature skin because of the calming effect that it can provide. Meaning, if your skin is feeling stressed and flushed, a milk cleanser is supposed to calm down the skin.

Furthermore, a milk cleanser can also be used without water. So, let's say you're travelling on a plane and need to remove your makeup before you doze off to sleep, you can use a facial cotton to wipe away makeup from your face and you don't really need water to rinse. Just make sure your facial cotton is clean from that last swipe and you may rinse with toner to prep your skin for the next beauty step.

As for the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion, I can feel it work into the surface of my skin as I leave it on my face while I shower... there's some sort of sensation, almost tingling, at times.

So, as it name implies, you can't possibly also remove your eye makeup with it. The eye area is way too delicate to be deep cleansed, hence it is better for you to use an eye makeup remover specifically for the eyes :)

I'd say, this is a really good product because it is easily found, waay way cheap and does its job. Definitely worth the buy.

Do you use any milk cleanser? Which one is your favourite?

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Jannah said...

I bought this because the bottle says can easily remove eye makeup. Tenyeh lebih sikit pakai facial cotton. Juga sesuai bila malas nak cuci muka lepas balik mengajar :)