Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brahim's & Ketupat Nona - my best friends during Raya.

Let me introduce to you my best friends at every Raya :D

As you can see in the picture above, I got 2 variations - a sauce that serves 4 pax and an instant pack that serves 2 pax. We'd usually have small groups of friends drop by for 'beraya' sessions and I find that I would always turn to pakcik Brahim's for a successful do. For one, you would be sure that your rendang tastes delicious but most importantly, it makes food preparation an easy-peasy task.

In the previous years, I would just get those instant packs - just put the pack in boiling water for 3 minutes, and it is ready to be served. This time, however, I think there must be so many other smart women like me (haha!) who went and finished up the stocks of beef and chicken rendang instant packs that I only managed to get the last pack of chicken rendang. But, all is not lost as there were tonnes of rendang sauce packs still available and all I needed to do was to buy sufficient supply of beef :)

This was how it looked like after awhile in the pot. I almost thought it looked like curry until I cooked it for around 40 minutes... once I turn off the fire, the sauce became drier, just how it should be for a rendang. Unfortunately, I was so hungry after cooking it and so were my guests that I realised I didn't take any photos of it once cooked ;P

All I can tell you, is that it is so delicious... you know, every one needs help every once in awhile. Some women have their maids to help them in the kitchen, some get their moms or sisters to help them cook while others probably just do it from scratch all on their own, with the help of recipes and such. For me, it is Brahim's, definitely and I am not afraid to admit it :D

Of course, this may only apply if you're hosting a makan-makan for less than 10-15 people. If I have more than that in my home, I would definitely just order from the caterers because as much as I like to cook for friends and families, there would be the festive season where all I want to do is take a good break, enjoy the holidays and serve guaranteed quality dishes without sweating it out in the kitchen. Yes.

And the experience wouldn't be complete without my other best friend, the Ketupat Nona.

Without them, life would be a little more cumbersome, I think. Thank you, both, for sticking by me through all the last 4 Raya festivities :)

To friends who've requested that I serve my signature homemade burgers, why don't you try 'my' beef rendang for a change and you'll love me even more hehe...

How was your Raya feast? I think I've piled up the pounds I've lost during the fasting month ;P


CikLilyPutih said...

nampak sangat menarik. mesti nak cuba jugak lah. maklumlah bukan pandai masak pun kan

Amy said...

Oh Juan..sama la. Even kuah kacang I buy the instant one. I tak kuasa nak buat from scratch, nak penat2 berpeluh kat dapur and lepas tu bila guest sampai, I would be too tired to even smile. Lebih baik I happy2 layan tetamu and badan tak penat. Sbb tu bila I buat reunion dgn Unimates bulan puasa, I buat potluck and diaorg semua pun beli stuffs je, tak masak. Yg penting we all can sembang for hours, tak yah penat2 ihiks :)

I tak ingat I beli rendang ayam brand apa last year but a friend of mine knew instantly that that rendang is from a particular brand sbb dia pun buat camtu gak! Haha. I think I wanna try Brahim's la lepas baca ur review ni. I dah terbeli 'Rendang Tok' from Agromas yesterday kat Giant, yet to try. Sorryla comment panjang plak :P

Sarclover said...

Juan, nak raya boleh? takyah masak apa2 pun... kuih pun kuuuihh laaa! ;)miss berborak dengan you.

omg : word verification : condomm... tak tipu!

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
sebab tu la i pakai instant je. senang sangat nak masaknye :) kalau you buat ni, gerentilah hubby you lagi sayang kat you hehe...

toughcookie said...

haaa dah namanya pun blogger jugak kan, pasti saja tulis comment macam menulis dalam blog jugak hehe...

i rasa you punya idea pot luck tu lagi bagus daripada idea i haha... tapi itu sebab you buat reunion untuk kawan2 yang memang dah kenal sangat you. kalau setakat 1 or 2 families je datang bertandang, tak baik la pulak nak mintak diorang bawak makanan kan hehe... mau ada yang taknak datang rumah i dah ;P

i sebenarnya tak pernah try brand lain sebab entah... dah confident dengan brahim's agaknya cos i've been buying it since form 4 dulu masa travel jadi exchange student. siap bawak untuk foster parents rasa. so, kira brand loyalty la... brand lain takut tak sedap ;P

toughcookie said...

babe, jumaat ni you free tak? tapi time semayang jumaat la... senang sikit nak borak. details nanti i sms you :)

haha condomm... lepas ni apa pulak keluar ;P

Sarclover said...

Babe, its a date. Text you already! Gimme the deets to my cell. :)

toughcookie said...

dearest sarc,
looking forward to seeing you. and since we hardly dapat jumpa, i am cooking tau :) lagipun it'll be lunch time and my 3 babies would be hungry anyways. and since it is raya still, i shall cook you my famous rendang mwahahahh... cooked with love, definitely! :)

Nia said...

i love Brahims! sejak zaman belajar lagi!hehe..

jimat masa kan Juan..and yes, everyone need help sometimes!

Sarclover said...

Delayed reply :

Babe, hands down the BEST instant rendang I ever had. Sehingga menjilat pinggan dan mangkuk (Umm... ok.. takdela literally kan)

Thanks babe.. I had a blast! :)

toughcookie said...

kannn?? dah berzaman dah brand brahim's ni... tapi so far quality dia masih terjaga :)

you masak apa raya haritu?

toughcookie said...

sarc darling,
owh it was my pleasure... i had a great time too! thanks for making time the other day :)