Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Room @Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang - scores well with me.

In relation to my post on baby nursing/changing rooms in shopping malls, I would like to update you on a new place in PJ, in an impressive posh set-up at the Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.

As you know, I have always liked to go to places that's baby friendly, simply because I feel that major [or even small] shopping centres should always keep us mommies with babies in mind when planning their layout. After all, mommies are known to be the decision maker in a family's shopping direction and mommies are always thinking about everyone else's comfort before hers. Therefore, by providing a comfy and clean changing room for her baby and younger kids accompanying her, it would show that the mall is not just after making the most of their space for more profits but also cares about a mother's feelings - that when a mommy is happy, mommy will feel more at ease, translating to even more profits for the stores.

Anyway, my frustration in this new complex is the lack of signage for changing room but I managed to find it eventually, while I was at the 1st floor. It is situated just next to Popular bookstore and the room was clean and pretty, possibly because it is in a new mall.

Upon entering the room, you will see a nice comfy bench for those waiting for you... as you can also see, little jj was busy checking out the cabinets in one of the rooms. Oh, the cabinets are empty and clean. I just don't understand why they have cabinets instead of empty racks, to ease us mommies to place the necessary items. But, the layout was really nice, nevertheless.

As you can see, the room is roomy and your stroller can fit in it no problem. However, the curtain that's in a knot made it really really cumbersome for a mommy to un-tie and totally close the room. Hmmm....

i love that little jj was distracted with the attractive animal motifs on its wall... making it easier for me to change her :)

and i must add that the changing mat was thick, comfy, clean and really huge... definitely a plus point there.

this is another room just next to the first room where a single nursing couch is placed.

I applaud them for the huge area next to the sink in case your baby does a number 2 and needs to be cleaned at the sink. But but but... as much as it looked pretty considerate of them to have the water dispenser for breastfeeding mommies to quench her thirst after nursing or for mommies to refill their baby's bottles, I find it utterly appalling that the water level in the container is close to none! What gives...?? Is that only for show?

So, my overall verdict is 4 cookies because of its cleanliness, the presence of soap and ample tissues, large rooms, comfortable changing tables, room temperature that's just right, spacious overall space for those waiting whilst allowing several parents to come in with strollers, and of course, attractive layout with bright colours.

My dislikes would be their lack of consideration of the empty water container and the lack of sense for tying them curtains in knots. D'uh.

Still, as a mom, I am grateful to the property developer to have provided such a warm room especially for this purpose. Hence, the high score. Definitely, a baby-friendly place to visit :)


FairyGodmother said...

Hmmmm..looks good. Love Empire for the laid back look and feel,and for the ample girly places to go and lepak. Haven't brought the kids yet tho.
Another changing room that I like is in the Curve. Nice.

Nia said...

wooo...sgt cantekk!
wish i can have one at my home.hehe

Rosfida Abu Sufi said... is a great place. I went to the loo and there was one cubicle for both mother and child plus a small sink in the cubicle itself..I loike!!!

Ashlyine Brooke said...

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