Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shiseido Spring/Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

With the so many brands out there in the market highlighting their Spring/Summer 2012 makeup collection, a lot of people may have missed out this one Japanese brand, that may be more popular for their skincare. And I am telling you that if you missed it because we are all more inclined to fancy packaging & gimmicks from the French competitors, you may be missing out on something really valuable. I myself was caught by surprise and it was a really pleasant one.

First up, I shall introduce the product that is probably the least popular on my list, the mascara (I don't think I've ever reviewed any mascaras on this blog). I hardly ever wear mascara because of many reasons... for one, since the past 4 years or so, the formula never worked on my short lashes - they smudge after 5-6 hours (even with waterproof ones) and if I do not use an additional tool like the lash curler, my lashes will never look pretty. Hence, I figured that it took too much effort and time for me and I shall just forgo it.

So, when I was presented with their new Perfect Mascara New Definition (Retails at RM89), I was game to try it on. It claims to give more volume to your lashes, separate and define them. It is also supposedly smudge-proof, lasts all day and easily washed off using warm water.

mascara ingredients
list of ingredients, if you'd like to know...

The result from the use of the mascara will be updated later on in this post.

Next, would be this super gorgeous shade that I got from the Shimmering Rouge range (Retails at RM95). There are 7 new shades and I absolutely love the colour, Sugarplum on my lips. In the tube it looks a little pale and I was initially worried that it would either not turn up on my lips or it would make me look like a malnourished tired old woman. But oooh.... I must seriously thank the person who helped pick out this colour because it came out oh-sommm.

Screen shot 2012-03-01 at 9.51.22 PM
L-R: PK214 Opal | PK415 Sorbet | OR316 Mango | BR317 Butterscotch | RD718 Sugarplum | RS619 Venus | RD320 Temptress

lippie pack
what the pack says...

lippie ingredient
and... the ingredients list.

The lip colours are supposed to come out sheer and moisturising, with an almost plumped up effect. I think a lot of brands are seen to have expanded their sheer lip colours. Even those brands who do not give much emphasis to sheer lip colours for their Spring/Summer collections, they would still tell you to layer lip gloss on top of your lip colour for that natural look and moist lips. I am so glad that my prayers have been answered and the range of lippie brands that I am able to use now has also expanded as my lip sensitivity towards those drier formula is given a new life ;)

eye pot
Last but not least, the eye colours from the Shimmering Cream Eye Color collection (Retails at RM75). This is something that I've never tried because I never thought cream eye shadows are suitable for my oily skin. I think I have always understood that cream shadows are more for the mature market for its moisturising benefits.

However, I was told that these Shimmering Cream Eye Colors are supposed to last even on my oily lids and you'd remain looking fresh all day, similar to how you first applied them in the morning. They still have that same moisturising benefits making your eyelids moisturised and comfortable.

eye swatches
these were the colours on my wrist but they go really different when applied directly to the eyelids (L-R: PK214 Pale Shell and OR313 Sunshower).

shiseido eyes
this is how they look on my lids, with flash.

And now, for the verdict.

Like seriously, I have not done up a natural look in years! I have always loved the natural no-make up/warm look but as Mr Oosband had always preferred a bolder look, I have kinda put sheer pinks or nudes aside. Once I have gotten used to wearing reds and burgundy on my lips and put on darker shade of eye shadows so that my 'blue' eyes won't make me look tired, I never went out of the house without having noticeable colours on me.

But I guess, the colours from the 2012 S/S Shiseido collection gave me a breath of fresh air to my usual look.

shiseido face 3
picture without flash, taken in the early morning getting ready for 'work'.

The colours look amazing! I don't look overly pink and girly, nor do I look pale and tired.

My eye lashes couldn't be helped much. Therefore, I don't want to give unnecessary comments on the Perfect Mascara New Definition. I think no mascaras can help curl my lashes and I would need to use a curler if I really want that effect. But I do like the mascara because it didn't smudge, my lashes were coated separately and well defined, and didn't stick together... and my eyes didn't come out sensitive to its formula. They definitely look thicker too. So yeayy...

But in terms of how good it is compared to the rest of the mascaras in the market, I may not be able to give you an honest opinion. I've tried on a few but I've always remembered a few brands like Lancome and Estee Lauder for having really good formulation as well. However, plus points for Shiseido for a mascara that works and I love its packaging.

As for the Shimmering Rouge lippie, I think I have found a new love. Like, really. I can't find the right words to describe enough of how much I love it - it is not only moisturising, but the sheer colour actually lasts. The colour was still there even after 3 drinks during a breakfast meet with a fellow mommy at an non-air condition venue, and remained til mid afternoon, although a little faded. But yeah, the nude-y colour is still noticeable on my lips and I didn't look tired at all.

The best part is, it looks nudey-ish when applied and when seen in a different light, it may look a little pinkish whilst at some angle, the colour looked a nice orange-ish tone that perks up any tired look. I also love its packaging, making it look uber luxurious and sturdy. I love it so much that I instantly put it inside my handbag in case I need any touch ups along with my favourite Maquillage lip gloss, a must have in my handbag.

And the Shimmering Cream Eye Colors? I am so looking forward to check out other colours from their collection. The eye creams performed as well as they claim and totally took me by surprise. I didn't even have any concealer on yet the colours stood through the hours and my usual oiliness. Best part was - my eyelids didn't go any oilier than usual. After a hot and humid day out picking up my kids from school all at different hours apart from that long breakfast session, the colours remain til night time. I am truly blown away.

And because I am so vain (and love the natural look), I shall put up another picture of me, taken under the natural light while waiting for my son at school... ;D

shiseido face
Happy weekend, everyone!

Have you checked their latest Spring/Summer collection? What do you think of them?


plue said...

did you try the true rouge? i think that's the latest lipstick from them, seems very very pretty when i read them in Taiwan blogs :D

Connie De Alwis said...

I'm a big fan of the Shiseido lipsticks and mascara. really keen to know how the new one performs!

toughcookie said...

i am not very familiar with shiseido's makeup range and never really checked them out. if i do go by their counters, will definitely check out the true rouge :)

toughcookie said...

you may like the mascara because it is so clean la... takde smudge and volumises the lashes. i have never been a fan of their lipsticks because i've used them years before but they didn't have good colour choices and the formula was so-so only to me. however, i think they've really improved a lot although i have only tried the shimmering rouge colour.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you rock the nude look! That lippie looks fab on you.

toughcookie said...

thanks babe! :D

toughcookie said...

just to update, i was told that true rouge has yet to be launched here. will be able to update again once it is launched :D

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Eh cantik!! I like the last picture. Macam celebrity! :D

toughcookie said...

Paris B,
ehehehhhhh *blush*