Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shiseido's Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge - gorgeous in any lighting.

Recently when I was trying out the Perfect Refining Foundation, the beauty consultant at the Shiseido counter asked me if I would like to try the lip product seen in the picture above.

At first, I wasn't interested at all because I really didn't like the packaging but the girl patiently explained to me that the lip product is actually a lipstick packaged in a form of lip gloss and has silicone in it to help lips appear plumped and feel moisturised.

She helped me pick out this colour which is naturally soft on me. As my Dior silicone-based lip treatment is finished I thought I might as well give the Essence Glamorous Rouge a try... and it is simply gorgeous!

details & ingredients.

Walah... I like that the colour blends well onto my lips and make it look naturally pink. I like that my lips appear smoother and feel so moist. But I think the thing that I like most is the light feeling I get on my lips and the colour lasts. I like it so much that it has become a permanent lippie in my handbag and I carry it everywhere I go. Even if I have any other lipsticks on my lips, when the colour fades or if my lips feel dry, I would touch up using the Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge.

Have you tried this product before?


plue said...

the rose berry colour looks nice on you! :D

toughcookie said...

thanks! recently i think berries could probably be the most perfect colour on my lips. and all that i discovered after our new year gathering :)