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5 of my favourite items that I would include in your beauty box

A few beauty bloggers have written about beauty box subscriptions yet I still have no clear idea about the whole concept. Ok, except that it is about a subscription that you'd need to pay monthly in order for you to be totally blown away by a gift that is sent to your door step every month, containing a wide variety of beauty products - some are worth the subscription amount you've paid whilst some may not even meet your criteria. It all depends on your luck. I do not know how they match your requirements to the beauty box or if they fill the box up whichever way they like. 

So, if I were to be your service provider, below are 5 of my favourite items which I think would help you tremendously in achieving or/and maintaining flawless skin.

beauty box products
L-R: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water, Lancome Blanc Expert Derm Crystal, Clarins Skin Illusion and Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream.

5 products
I'll tell you why I love them all to bits....

1. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
I've told you about it before and I don't think I can live without it now. Well, at least until my hormone stabilises again and the pimples would stop visiting me!

I was at my wits end trying to find a cure for my skin problems and although I may have found some products that could control my issue with adult acne, they weren't working as well as I had hoped... I would still get pimples in new areas and the old ones were not gone totally. But, as soon as I started using this golden-coloured wonderfully scented oil, new pimples stopped appearing! And most importantly, my skin felt plumped up and so hydrated when I wake up the next morning. Yes, I still do get one or two pimples just before that time of the month but they are no longer serious and would go away real quick.

2. Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water - Brightening Care
This was a priceless find and I would like to thank the person who gave it to me *wink*

I was supposed to try it out and do a very short review (not for my blog) and after the first application, I sorta fell in love with it. It isn't something terribly fascinating nor does it make my skin instantly brighter. But I don't know... somehow, I feel like my skin felt truly cleansed after patting this toner. It's as if I could feel like the skin becomes totally clean when I touch the skin especially once the toner is fully absorbed. It also made my skin feels hydrated the next morning when I wake up. Mind you, I was using this long before I got my hands on Item 1. It, on its own is already pretty amazing.

So, can you imagine my excitement when this product is mixed together with Item 1 - not only does it help make my skin feels brighter, the Lotus Oil helps in purifying my skin when the mixture is absorbed into the deeper layer of the dermis. After about 6 weeks, I noticed that my skin is on its way to achieving flawlessness. 

3. Lancome Blanc Expert Derm Crystal
I have also reviewed this product before and you can also read one comment in that post who thought that this product made her skin looks even. If you read her blog or tweets, you would also notice that she too is trying hard to fight pimples. It's crazy that we are plagued by this problem in our adulthood.

Before I was using Item 1, this product had already let me achieve smoother skin. I can't vouch that it helps whiten my skintone because I haven't been using an entire whitening range... but I do know that it evens out my skin and its salicylic acid content probably helps put my pimple issues under control. After 2 weeks of using this, I noticed that I look good in pictures as my skin tone looks even and though without makeup, I could see my skin glow. It's just really intruguing especially since I only use this from the whitening range. Although I now add another whitening serum to intensify a crystal clear effect, this product alone is already a gem (crystal is a gem, get it?? ;P).

4. Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream
It is so important for one to not forget to take care of the eye area. I've seen friends my age who looks worn out and older than their age because they do not apply the right eye care. And not every eye products in the market work. Some, as I found from experience, are just cream... only to hydrate the area but doesn't treat. Worse still, I have used a few of them that gave me oil seeds under the eyes.

I got this after being extremely happy with the samples they gave me (you know how Kiehl's are always happy to extend some samples for your skin concerns). I have tried so many eye products and although this may not provide a miracle for my fine lines and dark circles, it hydrates the eye area without clogging the skin and has so far [almost] dimishing my fine lines. This eye cream is not too rich for the younger skin types and safe to be used both day and night time.

5. Clarins Skin Illusion Mineral Foundation
I think I have stopped searching for that perfect liquid foundation with this one. I love it tremendously... I love it for its fresh scent, I love it for its perfect colour match to my skin tone, I love it for its nice size to fit the grip of my palm, I love it for its coverage and lasting hold, and I love it for not clogging my pores!

As I've written before, the foundation allows you to achieve a radiant finish even with a light application and it turns matt and powdery once it sets on your skin - a perfect way to apply on skin when you need to achieve that no-makeup look ;)

So, yeah, these are the items that I would like to share with you all, if I were given the power to fill up your beauty boxes. 

Do you like any of the items? Are there anything else you'd like to see included into a beauty box if you are a subscriber/potential susbscriber?

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14 comments: said...

u know wat? i would really love to try the clarins face oil!!! been wanting to try so many times but yet to jadi

Jyoan said...

All the high end skincare! I would love this box if it's affordable enough. I am convinced about Clarins oil already.

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I was using the Clarins oil for a spell. I love the smell. Still on the fence about the Extraordinary water and I want to try the Clarins foundation! If only I could work out my colour without having to go to a counter :P

plue said...

the lancome one very promising!have yet to melvita but I need to try it soon n that avocado oil!

MisSmall said...

I'm with ya, babe. Not a clue what this beauty box subscription is about, but I've enjoyed reading them. And definitely intrigued to try out Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream now. :)

l y n said...

Oh my, I want that Kiehl's eye cream now! Fantastic choices, babe and love that you included a foundation too :-)

Sherry said...

About clairins I went sunway Pyrmaid today and sad to say the counter no longer there, they closed already as I ask the customer service they say this brand no more in pyramid

toughcookie said...

try ask for the sample before purchasing if that's possible. use it together with your toner before you go to bed and see how your skin feels the next morning :)

toughcookie said...

haha yeah... i was told not to bother much about cost. me so generous, huh?? ;P

toughcookie said...

paris b,
hehe why don't you visit a counter just to see what your shade would be... then just walk off and say oh, i'll get it another time ;P

toughcookie said...

would love to hear your take about the products once you try them!!

toughcookie said...

haha i keep reading about them but too much of a chicken to subscribe to their service. not sure if i'd use any of the products they were giving out ;)

toughcookie said...

thanks! glad you think they're all great :)

toughcookie said...

aww that's too bad. try one utama instead.