Friday, April 25, 2014

The Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

Remember my post not too long ago when I practically snapped up almost all the colours from the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain? They are so moisturising, colour pigments are just wonderful and the colours last an entire day for me, without having to touch up. It may fade just a little after a meal but it practically stays which made many of my friends ask what I use on my lips.

When Revlon came up with two new range of their crayon-like lip balms, the Matte and the Lacquer version, I must be one of the last few in the beauty fraternity to pick them up, I suppose. And that too, I only picked up the Lacquer version as the one colour I am interested for the Matte version is always out of stock in Guardian.

These are the only colours I'm interested in for the Lacquer Balm. Actually, at first I only got 135 but after using it once, I was instantly in love with the very light, melting texture. It probably doesn't last as long as the original Balm Stain but as I have dry lips that always chap, I noticed that wearing this as a substitute for my normal lip balm gives me better results. The lips are always moist and I don't get that itchy irritated feel when my lips get sensitive at times. 

So at another visit to Guardian, I got myself two more colours. And I love them all... unfortunately, better than I loved the original formulation though ;P

As I had more Balm Stains than the Lacquer Balms, I tried putting them close to the family range of colours - the orange, the pink and the red, just to see how far off or different they are apart from their formulation.

As you can see, in terms of colour pigments, they are no less superior than the original formulation. The Lacquer Balm although supposedly more moisturising and shiny, on the skin, their colours are just as intense as you want them to be. I think I applied the colour 3 times to get the intense tone but that is probably about the number of times you'd apply on your lips, right?

The weird part is seeing 040 Rendezvous and 130 Tease Seductrice being almost similar. On the lips though, the Balm Stain looks much more orangish tone while the Lacquer Balm version gives out a much more natural almost neutral tone which I like more. The rest of the colours I chose didn't match very near to their sister version and you might notice that the Lacquer Balm also kind of give a brighter hint to the colours, making them so wearable in any situation and making your complexion look brighter too.

I must admit that it was Revlon's Balm Stain that made me prefer having chubby sticks than our normal elegant lipsticks, perhaps because I feel that they last longer than an average lipstick. I mean you know how many lipsticks I've had before and the number keeps increasing by the month. But I either use them up quickly, or they just get bad as I use some of them rarely. With the chubby sticks, they always look good and fresh, giving me the same outcome as how they did when I first use them. Not sure if it's because of the long protective casing that's retaining their quality because as I've acquired more chubby sticks (not just from Revlon), I noticed that they're pretty much consistent in this observation.

I know many of my friends have picked this up and like the formulation. Have you picked any colours from the Lacquer Balm range yet?

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