Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is the Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion worth the hype?

When I got the Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, I thought the launch was timely. I was neglecting my skin in many ways since November of last year because my skin was behaving erratically (possibly due to the various types of skincare I was trying out, partly also possibly due to some hormonal changes) and I decided to keep my skincare regime simple. Simple, meaning, no makeup, no serums, no toner too. By early of this year, I noticed that I developed a long fine line under my right eye and my skin wasn't looking that good although it was [almost] problem free.

I was really considering giving the SKII miracle water a second chance (the first time I tried 3 years ago didn't show me any miracles) since my skin is aging anyway and I couldn't think of anything else that could promise flawless skin. So, I thought my prayers were answered when I was seriously giving that consideration but fear for the long-term commitment if the skincare indeed works the second time. Hence, when I saw the ad to the EL launch, I didn't hesitate to purchase it because the retail price of RM320 is so much lesser than the original consideration.

The best part was, when it was launched, it came with all these freebies. Just RM320 and I got a nice size of moisturiser, the eye cream of the same range, a small bottle of the ANR, an eye serum and one piece of the eye mask. Of course, I'd say yes in an instant. Oh, and before that, I already made sure to check the ingredients list - no dimethicone, and I was sold.

I was totally mesmerised after using it for just 3 days. I had develop some dry areas on my skin and the product totally changed the texture of my skin into a hydrated, soft and getting-there-smooth skin. Mr Oosband noticed it too and thought it was a really good deal. Within the first week, my skin was so hydrated that my usual oil seeds were getting softer and they purged so easily when squeezed out (this, I shall not encourage you because our skin conditions are different).

Bear in mind though, that I was feeling all that happiness from the much neglected skincare habit which went on for months. And I'm glad I waited longer before writing this review. 

See, I've been using this for a good 4 months now. And the bottle is about 1/5 left. And as much as I was very happy with it, recent reviews from some people on this product made me think about the experience and I have got to agree with a lot of the reviews. 

You see, as I had neglected my skin in awhile, naturally, the skin would improve with good skincare products, right? 

Secondly, while I was trying out several moisturisers and skipping the ANR once in awhile, I realised that the Micro Essence didn't do much to maintain the amazing results I was seeing the first week itself. In fact, I can safely say that without the ANR and the Advanced Time Zone night cream which I got for free, the Micro Essence was probably just water. It's just a liquid form that brings not much benefit other than being a regular toner, which in this case, a super-highly priced toner.

So, I experimented... without the use of the Micro Essence and just using the ANR and moisturiser, the skin behaved just as well, though perhaps a little less hydrated on the skin texture. But nothing that different and something that may not be worth the RM320 spent. Although in this case, this RM320 which I spent was all worth it as I reconnected with the ANR, realised that I shouldn't have stopped using it and best of all, I discovered the beauty of the Advanced Time Zone night cream which I truly truly like. 

Hence, if you ask me if I like the Micro Essence, I'd say yes, but it won't be something that I'd repurchase because I don't think I really need the additional expensive layer of liquid. 

When I instagrammed this photo, I know some friends of mine went on the bandwagon due to the freebies during the launch and they all told me the same thing - they were in love with the ANR but have mixed feelings about the Micro Essence.

But what about you... did you take advantage of the launch when they were giving out the samples of Micro Essence? Did you manage to try it out?


xin said...

I was glad that I didn't jump into buying despite the fact that I was really tempted by the freebies. I don't think I will get this since it doesn't seem to be working very well on its own after reading some negative reviews here and there. ANR is really awesome though.

toughcookie said...

hi xin,
i agree with you. i was desperate in wanting to rejuvenate my tired skin and since it was cheaper than SKII i thought why not. I loved it so much until I realised that it doesn't work on its own without the ANR. what a bummer. it's just a toner but too expensive for a toner.