Friday, February 21, 2014

Jurlique Balancing Day Cream & Herbal Recovery Night Cream - botanical charms of Australia.

I especially like the packaging of this particular Jurlique product. The Balancing Day Cream comes in a slender 40ml or 125ml tubes and it is such a joy to use.

My discovery with the day moisturiser was thanks to the sample I got from Fabulous Finds and as you can see, I had squeezed the deluxe sample tube almost dry when I decided to get the full-sized one.

This is sort of the start to my journey of discovering natural products which I believe would bring me benefits in the long run.

I've heard many good things about Jurlique before but what shied me away from this brand was the price factor. They don't have any standalone counters here in the country and every time I pass by their beauty salon in Mid Valley or The Curve, I feel a little intimidated. So, since they had some promotions on StrawberryNet, I decided that I should just give it a go.

What I especially like about this product is that I think it understands my skin concerns quite well. I'm not that young anymore and I would like to start on an anti-aging regime but though my skin is getting more mature, it is still in the combination range, prone to oiliness and pore-clogging. Hence I cannot take creamy formulation. But I would really like to use them creams because products meant for combination-oily skin is just too drying for me. It's confusing and frustrating!

The Jurlique Balancing Day Cream is supposedly suited for combination skin prone to oiliness as it is lightweight, yet has the right ingredients to hydrate skin and treat those first signs of aging. I like its smell... it's aromatic like and almost therapeutic to my senses. But as much as I like it and that it keeps my skin healthy I still think the creamy texture can be a little rich for day use. I mean, it is meant for day use, yes, but the formulation is still thick for use in our hot and humid climate. It takes awhile to fully absorb onto skin and if you need to put your makeup on quickly, you may need to perhaps dab the skin with tissue so that the foundation doesn't streak... cos it is thick despite the statement on the box that says it is lightweight.

If it helps, I learnt a trick from a beauty sales advisor on how you can apply cream moisturisers - that you should just take a small amount onto your palm, rub the palms gently together to let the cream melt in the warmth of your hands and then dab the palms in a tapping motion on skin starting from the cheeks and then forehead, nose and chin, and neck area. I think it gets absorbed better and much faster. And if the creamy texture still sits on skin, rub your palms together and dab on skin again. I believe that this technique does wonder to the skin although I always find that I still need a little getting used to the feeling of using a thick cream.

The ingredients list of Jurlique Balancing Day Cream - lots of anti-aging, calming properties.

Note that the moisturiser does not contain SPF so you'd need to use a separate one. Personally, I prefer it without SPF because my skin hasn't been responding well to moisturisers with SPF. Therefore, I'd usually use a separate SPF, which is fine by me. And if you like this so much, perhaps you can even use it for night time.

While I got myself a moisturiser for day, I thought I should complete the botanical experience with a suitable night cream. As I mentioned, I am currently exploring the idea of shifting to anti-aging. A quick look into their website and I was "prescribed" the Herbal Recovery Night Cream, among other suitable products.

Again, I was concerned on the cream factor and reviews on this product stated it as rich. But I was sold on reviews from users who said their skin became so smooth and soft the morning after... ;)

I like their packaging because though they look really simple and clean, they contain a complete set of information on their description, benefits of using the products, how to use them, their full list of products in the same range, a summary of the brand and its address, their website, full ingredients and their expiry dates. 

Yup, typical of natural/botanical/organic skincare, I learnt that they all usually have expiry dates printed on the product/packaging.

Full ingredients list of the Herbal Recovery Night Cream.

The scent to this Night Cream is a little strong but something that I quite like. Best of all, I did wake up to satiny smooth skin that looks fresh in the morning. However, as this cream is a little rich, I am unable to use it on a daily basis or I'll find those small spots on my jawline. Hence, I use this as an anti-aging treatment twice or 3 times a week. It does wonder to the complexion.

I like that the cream is housed in a glass jar so that it remains fresh and for such a small amount at each use, I believe this 50ml jar will last me awhile, especially since I'm known to also try out other products in between :)

Overall, I quite like Jurlique from the experience of using these 2 creams. I might actually try their brightening range because I love using whitening products and am seeing more brown spots appearing. 

Have you come across these products before or heard of Jurlique?


Jen Lavenders said...

Thank you for the lengthy and awesome reviews! I am really considering the Herbal Night Cream. :)

toughcookie said...

hi Jen,
it's my pleasure to share what i think of skincare i've been using. thanks for dropping by and dropping a note :)