Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus reformulated - smooths, restores, corrects.

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out a bottle of the Repairwear Laser Focus serum which went through a reformulation.

According to Clinique, they've collated feedback from users of the original serum and based on the feedback they've made some adjustments to their formula to enhance the efficacy of the product. This is a quality that many luxury skincare brands would practice to maintain the quality of their products and how they would grow together with their users and potential users according to times and needs.

The serum claims to improve the looks of lines and wrinkles. Since I don't have deep set wrinkles I was more intrigued at the thought of the serum's feature to resurface skin healthily to provide a youthful appearance. Remember how I like specific words used by products? Resurfacing claims would be something that appeals to me although I would be cautious of its ingredients.

I believe that the serum is actually targeted to the mature market for the claims of what it is able to do but the formulation is so liquidy, non-oily or sticky and it feels so comfortable even to my combination skin that's prone to oiliness.

I especially like its top tip of the droplet because it feels so comfortable to pinch the slightly grayish-tone non-fragranced serum out of the droplet. The tip is soft yet durable. 

I must say that I like it a lot. I've never tried the original formula so I cannot say if it's really better. I like this one because I think the "resurfacing" action somewhat works. I noticed the difference it makes to the complexion the instant I apply it on my skin. Just 3 drops of it and my complexion looks instantly fresh and radiant. It's hard to say how but there's that healthy glow in the form of non-oily shine. So, I guess their claim to "restore skin's glow" is true because it did show. What I especially like about it is that it can also be used around the eye area. After one month of use, it didn't show a marked difference to my dark circles and fine lines but it did make the skin look and feel smoother.

In a statement, Dr Tom Mammone, Executive Director of Skin Physiology and Pharmacology in the Clinique R&D Worldwide, said they learnt that skin concerns of women with lines and wrinkles also had poor skin texture. That prompted them to re-evaluate the original formula to see how they could improve the serum to address poor surface texture.

The smoother and radiant glow that I saw were perhaps from the addition of new ingredients to help cell turnover. When the cell renewal process is normalised and encouraged, skin appears smoother and more refined. They include:

·       Acetyl Glucosamine: this multi-functional amino-sugar and building block of hyaluronic acid aids in naturally breaking the bonds that hold dead skin cells on the surface of the skin for a more natural shedding process.

·       Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Extract: derived from the Salvia Sclarea plant, supports the final steps of cell differentiation and exfoliation by promoting the reformation of the skin’s barrier layer.

There is also an entire blend of high-level peptide complex and repair enzymes that could help boost production of collagen naturally and corrects the appearance of existing photo damage while protects skin from environmental aggressors. Skin will become firm and appearance of lines and wrinkles is diminished. I did see improvement in my skin texture but I can't say if my skin was firmer or that wrinkles were less enhanced because I'm happy to say that I have yet to be concerned of wrinkles or loss of elasticity overall. 

The serum feels light and suitable for all skin types. It comes in 30ml and 50ml where it retails at RM220 and RM330 respectively.

The reformulated serum has been available since October 2013. Have you picked it up yet?


Lyn said...

I've used the original Laser Focus serum a long time ago and remember quite liking it. Not sure why I stopped purchasing... probably because I "gatal" and have been trying out all kinds of different serums over the years. Looks like the reformulated version is pretty good too.

toughcookie said...

That's the thing with us - too many things to try, haha!

I'm very surprised at this formulation because I've never looked at Clinique for anti-aging solutions probably because I kept remembering the younger me using their basic 3-step skincare. over the years and trying their turnaround serum, etc, I find that I like their fuss-free products. they're all quite simple, straight to the point, quite affordable and they work.