Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NEW in the market: Clinique Cheek Pop - irresistible wearable pretty colours in a small simple case.

The Clinique pretty cheek pop blushers must be one of the most spoken topics recently among beauty enthusiasts. This is from my observation as I keep seeing the gorgeous colours highlighted in exciting reviews and beauty swatches of blogs and instagram accounts. So, when I was asked by the PR people of Clinique which colour I'd like to try, it totally made my day :)

I picked Berry pop from the 4 vibrant and wearable shades available to us. I must admit that despite having read many reviews before, the excitement got to me and after I chose the colour, only then did I realise that I may have chosen a strong colour. According to the review of a friend and prolific blogger I look up to, the colour may be a little intense and can be overdone if not applied sparingly.

I really don't think a blusher should make you look like a china doll because it is supposed to just give that healthy flush to your skin. But since I've already picked the colour out, I guess I just might as well make the most of it.

When I received it, I was surprised that the packaging feels so sturdy and thick. Seeing many of its photos before, I thought it came in just a plasticky see-through case that snaps close. But I'm pleased to note that Clinique didn't compromise on that sort of a "luxury" feeling despite it being housed in a plain round transparent plastic. It doesn't look like plastic at all and has a nice weight when held.

I like to touch on the packaging first before the product because that is the point that would catch my attention first.

It almost looks as if a pretty daisy is housed in a crystal glass case. 

As you can see in the 2nd photo, the blusher has a gerber daisy imprint that is raised like a dome form. What I truly like about this stunning detail is that the shape is so solid that it doesn't fade away easily with every brush. In fact, for me to get a swatch of the colour, I used my finger instead of a brush to show you how intense the colour looks (pictured below), yet the dainty daisy form still maintains its original shape. I've used it 3 times and many swipes of the brush since I got it yet the daisy imprint still looks new. I'm sure it'll fade away with more use but it's still intact so far. And like its form, the colour isn't flat either. 

With that 3 times of use, I am quite impressed that I don't see bits and pieces of extra particles of powder you'd usually get from using a powder blusher. I mean, do you have a compact palette with a blusher, eye makeup and lip colours in one pan? I'd usually cringe when the miniscule particles of the blusher would get into lip colours in a palette.

In this instance, there are none or perhaps I hadn't noticed.

According to Clinique, the Cheek Pop's lavishly silky formula was developed with a patented, breakthrough technology. The innovative formula begins as a smooth liquid which is then transformed through a slow baking process to give you a luxurious-textured powder that's so lightweight. It's a pretty design with a nice colour transfer for you to achieve a most healthy "just pinched" look.

I was worried initially when I did the swatch because the colour looks outstanding on my medium-toned skin. Then again, I used my finger instead of the soft fibers of a brush and perhaps I could just be mindful of the application. But I have to admit that the tone looks really pretty despite it being so intense. Perhaps if I had blended it more, it can make me look naturally radiant, without having to use too much or put too much effort on the application.

And so, this was how it looked on my first try of the pop blush. Under the strong lighting at my vanity desk, the colour did pop out but after blending it in, I quite like what I saw. I like the rosy glow and I thought it looks really natural on my skin tone. Just some gentle swipe of the brush and that was all I needed. So effortless.

The colour did not fade even after 8 hours of use and under our hot and humid weather. In fact, it may be also due to the good base I was using as my foundation that the colour somehow looked more flushed and vibrant when it blended in with the natural oil of my skin towards the late afternoon. 

Looking at it, I do think this could be one of the most value-for-money blushers around in the luxury brand department. At just RM80 per pop, you get a no-nonsense packaging having just what you need - a super pretty blusher. I totally like its packaging because I don't think I ever need a blusher with a slim short brush in it that I never use because the brushes are always flat, or housed with a mirror which I'd hardly use too because the mirror would always be tainted with the powder particles from the blusher. So this one's just perfect. And, since I only need to use very little each time, I would like to see how long this will last me.

L-R: Ginger pop, Plum pop, Berry pop and Peach pop (photo grabbed from here)

I believe they are already available in the counters now although they are not up on their official Clinique Malaysia online site. True to its brand name, the blushers are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

The popular colours so far based on feedback to me and what I read are Plum pop and Peach pop but I am keen to try Ginger pop. I saw some swatches from other international blogs and I am swayed to  try Ginger pop. They are permanent colours (thank you, Clinique!) and you could wait if you want because they'll always be available. But why wait if you can try it now, right? 

They're really so pretty and I can't emphasis that enough. Don't you think so?

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This looks so pretty on you! I can't wait to get my hands on them.