Friday, September 7, 2012

Wonderful memories are best shared with your loved ones.

Things have been so hectic lately with the little ones still haven't fully adapted to local time even after a week. It has been crazy on Mr Oosband and I too as we juggled work between the not getting enough sleep and jet-lag.

Anyway, before I write an elaborate post on my best finds and favourite stuff, I shall leave you with snippets of shots from our London & Paris trip. Our internet connection has been a little wonky too and uploading photos seem to take ages. So, I hope I could update further on Saturday *cross fingers*
fun in disneyland
3 days in Disneyland Paris - toys, good food (the High School Musical cafeteria has delicious array of vegetarian dishes!), watched a play in French and of course, our Jebat loves his Mickey so much.

beauty in paris
some lovely time in Paris - shopping for stuff from here is super cheap compared to buying them back home, of course...

jada euro
Jada loved the weather and the amount of fresh strawberries that she could enjoy...

food etc
i love the array of food/snacks that i could get... and i love my new accessories - the ring-watch (as opposed to wrist-watch!)

spot my first ever Tom Ford lippie... and the Pandora bracelet I managed to grab at a good deal. and of course, the kids were so cute fully enjoying quality time with mama and daddy.

the pix on top right was from a trip to Tesco in Orpington. I went crazy with the range of baby food and baby stuff ;)

Meanwhile, I'll let you know that the best part of the trip was the break we had together, the shopping, the good food but of course, the best company we had while in London, spending those little time we had with our good friends who're already like family to us.
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beetrice said...

Looks like you had an awesome time - more pics!! :D

plue said...

wah! so fun! more pics plz! :D