Monday, September 10, 2012

Good buys from that family vacation.

There are just so many things to share after that wonderful vacation I had with the family. It has been awhile since we really got to spend time like that together and I was a little too ambitious, wanting to achieve too many things in that one lovely time. In the end, there were things we didn't get to do but the most important thing was, the vacation was basically for the children to enjoy themselves while my shopping needs and Mr Oosband's shopping needs took a backseat but not totally forgotten ;)

These were among the lovely finds by chance. Do any of you remember the Sanex shower cream? Is it still sold here in Malaysia? I haven't really noticed its existence and I remember how it was once the trusted body cleanser in the ranks of Dettol. We got it when we were at the Disneyland hotel because I totally forgot to pack the babies' bath toiletries while we were in London. So, this was the best alternative we could find when we reached the hotel. It smells the same Sanex I knew and it is amazing that after so long, it has maintained a similar look and feel.

The Avene bottle next to it was bought in a street in Paris. The thing about me would be, I will not get it out of my head until I get the right bath product fit to be used by my babies. So, while we were browsing through the pharmacy, this was the only baby product we could find that perfectly fits our requirement - mild for babies and can be used on the hair and body. I was so excited when I saw the huge array of skincare/bath range from brands like Avene and Vichy... that I think if I were to live in Paris, I would be so spoilt for choice.

This was another great buy. I love the scent from Loccitane's Verbena range, so much so that I was going to buy the entire collection. But, some sense hit me on the head and so I thought it would be just reasonable for me to bring home a couple of shower gels and body cream. Love love love!

sephora paris
I took this photo while waiting for Mr Oosband and my eldest to come out from their gadget store. I had already gone in the Sephora store but wasn't too impressed with it but I love the architecture of the buildings in Paris and I was surprised to see that the Sephora store is just below Marriott. Hmmm... I should stay here one day, me thinks ;)

Anyway, while walking past Sephora, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Guerlain store. I didn't hesitate to enter the store and quickly asked for their ever so famous meteorites powder which I had so wanted to buy but never get the chance to. I mean, it is a little difficult to find a Guerlain counter nearby and just to go KLCC to get a RM180 powder may not be something I'd do.

So, to find it right in the heart of Paris where it is from, could be a very good idea [and excuse!] for me to finally own one, don't you think?

la petite robe 
While in Guerlain, this particular thing intrigued me til this day... they sprayed this new perfume, La Petite Robe Noire (Little Black Dress) on me and also on this cloth label-like material. Note: they do not spray it on paper, like what we always see... but a cloth. A good, satin-like cloth so that the smell lingers just as how you would smell it on your clothes.

And, while I was there, I asked them if I could take some photos of their place. They were more than happy to oblige. 
perfumes guerlain
This place is basically a spa where some of their items are shown on the ground floor but they would direct you to go up another floor for purchases. But the 1st floor I went to was full with perfumes! There were perfumes everywhere. When I went up the stairs, this was what I saw... a huge centrepiece of perfumes.

perfumes 2
On my right side is another section of perfumes...

perfumes 3
and on my left is another huge set of perfumes...

perfumes 4
these were set further inside a closet-like area on the right side.

No matter what people generally say about the Europeans not too welcoming and warm with us Asians, I felt none of those. From the experience I had going into stores after stores in many parts of Paris, I must say that their customer service is far better than the inconsistencies we experience here back in our homeland. They're less judgemental, they do not mind extending many samples and now that I'm back, I regret not getting the Little Black Dress because it smells really good on me *sigh*

Some of the little little things that got me really excited would be the large choices of children and babies' products. You know how difficult it is to find an infant tooth paste that I had to resort to this with Jada (back then) and Jebat (now). But a visit to Tesco while we were staying at a friend's place in Orpington allowed me to bring home some of the best buys we would never find back home.  I just wonder why is it so difficult to have items like these here.

baby food
I also got extremely excited with the type of food I could easily get for Jebat. I can safely say he was well fed throughout our vacation ;)

babyfood 2
There were so many types and brands but of course, we had to stick to just a few type of food. My friend told me at times there would be jars of halal baby food but there were none when I went. So, we were stuck with veges and fish stuff. And they had a any 8 bottles for just 4+ pounds promotion. Oh wowwee...

From Disneyland, though most of the things we brought back were toy stuff, I got myself these kitchen mittens and pot mat. Hehe...

my first tom ford 
I think this Tom Ford lipstick was my only real expensive cosmetics purchase. I was getting one for a friend and I thought I ought to get one for myself as well. I was looking for a coral-like shade anyway and only after buying it did I realise how expensive it is... most probably my most costly lipstick ever but a really good one too. The colour is so intense and creamy but due to it being so intense, it was a little over the top for me. I've learnt to make it work, so far...

And I especially love the food stuff I can easily get. In Paris, it was Nutella everywhere... even at our breakfast spread. It was heaven for Mr Oosband as he loves Nutella.

mini jaffa cakes 
As for me, what I loved most was the many Marks & Spencer food outlets with plenty of great stuff. I enjoyed every one of them and realised that I didn't snap any photos of them. This was the only one I managed to capture on camera because I was bored on the Eurotrain from London to Paris and before I opened this up, I took a few shots of it.

london 2012 keyring 
One of the best souvenirs I bought for myself would be this London Olympics keychain. A memorable piece.
But what caught so many attention from foreign tourists like me would be this gorgeous ring-watch I bought on a whim while shopping at Next. They had it in colours like yellow gold, rose gold, silver and titanium but I thought the rose gold looked good on me. After I went back to Orpington, where we stayed in London, I decided I was going to go back to the store on my last day, to get all the rest of the colours. Oh boy, did I underestimate the hecticness of travelling with small children... we didn't have enough time in the end but am happy that I at least got myself one.

All in all, we took more than a thousand pictures. I love looking at all of them time and again as I don't think I would remember most of the moments if I hadn't taken any snapshots. Jebat only started to walk a week before the vacation and seeing him take those cautious steps while my mind was totally free from any work-related matters made the moments so precious to me. Though it was quite a tiring vacation travelling with little children, the break was really good as it made my mind fresh and all zesty to go back to work again.

So here's to more of this kind of vacation, eh...

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