Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mentholatum Lip Pure - a natural alternative to dry lips

I've mentioned that I have naturally dry chapped lips. I've had it since as long as I can remember. The sad part is, my pwincesh Jada started developing extremely dry lips when she fell ill at 16 months. I noticed that her lips were no longer moist and smooth, and it would crack and bleed when it gets really dry.

Hence, from then on, I went to a good friend of mine by the name of Kiehl's to get their awesome lip product especially safe for babies. After awhile, though, Kiehl's has stopped bringing it into our shores and I became resourceful. Tried everything else but have not gotten the desired result.

Recently, while browsing around, I found this little angel, named Lip Pure by Mentholatum...
Mentholatum Lip Pure

I was attracted to its' "Pure" name, the promise of a 'Fragrance Free' product with "Natural", "Plants" and "Beeswax" all clearly visible at first glance - a perfect combination safe for use on a little girl, don't you think??

It is also larger than what we used to get for Jada and works really well on her too.

List of ingredients and some product information.

It retails for less than RM15, more cost-effective than Kiehl's or Burts' Bees or even Lucas Papaw Ointment but works excellent, if not better. Frankly, I think it actually works better than those three products.

If you're like me, who's paranoid about finding the right lip product for your little one's dry lips, this might just be a better option.

Have you seen this product on the shelves of our local drugstore? Do you know if it is new in the market?

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