Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiehl's - A Favourite Beauty Destination.

Apart from my usual favourite online shopping 'destinations' for beauty products, my other favourite destination for beauty stash would definitely be Kiehl's.

I love my visits to Kiehl's, especially the ones at Isetan KLCC and the independent store in BSC. Do not go to 1Utama if you're a first time with Kiehl's because the SA's can be very blur, don't really know their products well or they do not converse that well in English. I've gone there twice and it was quite frustrating.

I think my first discovery with Kiehl's was when I visited the one in Isetan KLCC. I only bought one item but came home with about 4 different types of products in 5ml sachets. And they lasted long enough for me to discover how well the products work on my skin/hair. From then on, I've always dropped by to purchase good stuff from them and come home with even more samples :)

As I've hardly gone to KLCC, my recent stash would come from BSC. Their SA's there are really helpful and very friendly. They're quite experienced and knowledgeable as well because they seem to be able to point out the problems I have and the right solutions for me.

Sometimes I would go there without buying but only because I would bring another friend for them to discover Kiehl's products and services. I think I haven't gone there that constant enough but the SA's have probably recognised me due to some of the difficult questions I'd pose to them for my problematic skin.

Not all their products work well with me but they have always been very helpful in letting me try samples to see if they work. My last visit to the outlet was a pleasant surprise to me as they let me have 50ml samples of body lotion and face moisturiser because I couldn't make it to their last Christmas party.

I seriously like Kiehl's approach to getting customers - their generosity in giving out samples. I mean, when you go there to buy something, they would ask you if you would like to try any of their products. Although this approach may be open for abuse by those people who take advantage of getting freebies without buying, I on the other hand, wouldn't mind purchasing the items after trying them out because they work. I am always on the lookout for stuff that works and I find that their price range is also quite reasonable compared to many others in the market. Best of all, the samples that supplement the items you buy will help you a great deal when you travel.

I think their best move was when they handed out to me samples of their Tea Tree Oil shampoo which I swear by it til now. Oh, and also their clay mask. I've replenished them both more than once already - they last long and they work really well for me.

But what I love most must be the small stick in the picture above... it's a Baby Lip Balm - totally delicate enough and safe for babies - my lips have always been dry since young - it's in my genes. So with that, my precious princess has also been plagued by very dry lips... so much so that my husband and I have caught her peeling her lips before she sleeps. It can be frustrating seeing her lip bleed from her natural habit (I say it 'natural' because I do that too hehe...) and for a 2-year old, it is hard to stop that habit.

With the Kiehl's Baby Lip Balm, she not only enjoys wearing it because she always asks for her 'lipstick' - she will pucker up when I put it on her and put her lips together the way I always do whenever I put on my lippie ;P - but with consistent wear, her lips have healed tremendously too.

Have you discovered any products from Kiehl's that you like?


prettybeautiful.net said...

i purchase quite a few things from kielhs MV and 1U before, and sometimes they ran out of samples that i wanted to try, and they didnt even bother to give something else. and at most they give is only 1 sachet.

aileenagan said...

Hi, i totally agree with what you just posted on Kiehls - tho the first time i visited the branch in 1U they loaded me with samples - but not the 2nd time. And the Rare Earth Pore cleansing masque works amazing on my skin too! The effect was seen immediately. I'm eyeing to get their Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment next - from the samples, they work really good too. =)