Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3M’s Scotch™ Premium Kitchen Scissors - a simple tool that does so much.

I am not sure about other mommies alike, but I for one am a gadget lover. I love gadgets and I love tools, especially those that I know would make life so much more convenient for me in the kitchen. I mean, I am not a natural kitchen lover. I cook because I want to cook but if I didn't have to do it, I would so welcome that change. And you know how I'd always look for ways to cut short time wasted in the kitchen so that I can spend more quality time with my kids outside of the kitchen. With gadgets and tools, I am able to achieve that.

When I mentioned the word, "gadget", I wonder if any of you own a pair of kitchen scissors? I know a lot of mommies would use normal scissors for stuff they need to snip. For me, I believe that every single stuff we do should have its own dedicated tool just like we need blusher brush for blushers, powder brush for powders and eyelash brush for eyelashes. You can't use a blusher brush for powders and vice versa (altho at times, I would do it ;P)

Kitchen scissors 1
So, when I got this, I was excited. My current kitchen scissors have been a single loyal [scissors] contributor in the kitchen for the past 5 years. I am not well-versed with the technicalities of what's out there in comparison because my current one was bought from Ikea. Easy. And durable. However, I don't think it is heavy duty but only because it didn't come with any leaflets or usage guidelines.

kitchen scissors 2 
The 3M’s Scotch™ premium kitchen scissors comes in an instruction-heavy pack so that you are able to gauge how you can optimise its use, other than cutting pieces of boneless chicken slices or those coconut milk containers. You can also see the "CAUTION" part where you need to know how to care for your kitchen scissors.

I also highly dislike having my kitchen scissors kidnapped for the convenience of cutting papers and stuff non-related to kitchen stuff. But yeah, my current blue kitchen scissors have mysteriously disappeared for non-kitchen use ;P

kitchen scissors comparison
The top scissors in black is by 3M’s Scotch™ premium kitchen scissors while the bottom worn-out one is my loyal 5-year old Ikea scissors which is still quite sharp. 

Why does one need a pair of durable kitchen scissors? Well, I think it is very convenient at times when plenty of preparations are needed and you don't feel like using the chopping board. Most importantly, a lot of people prefer using kitchen scissors as opposed to a knife because of hygiene reasons. I mean, look at the worn-out chopping board and tell me if you have never wondered how clean (or dirty) it is in between the crevices of cut marks on old wood. Cutting is also so convenient as you have good control of the tool as opposed to chopping with a knife where there are risks of accidentally cutting a finger, especially when the chicken you're trying to cut is so hard and well, accidents happen!

  Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors_cut meat
3M’s new Scotch™ premium kitchen scissors are made from Japanese-made stainless steel which has been treated using 3M's unique process of electro-polishing that provides a superior kind of smoothness in comparison to the generic type of stainless steel. This allows it to have a more superior advantage where there are fewer ridges and rough spots on the blade surface that can trap food residue and breed bacteria.

The electro-polishing process also enhances its ability to resist corrosion

I've used it on many levels of food preparation so far and I love that feeling of fresh sharp blades. It feels so sturdy and since there is no plastic layer (like my Ikea scissors), I get less paranoid of bacteria breeding in between the metal and plastic layer.
Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors_multi-function use

And although I may sound a little silly, I have never knew what the middle ridges between the handle of the scissors. Now that I do, it feels awesome :)

The best part about using a kitchen scissors to cut food stuff, you're able to be creative when cutting food into shapes. It is such a breeze!

The new Scotch™ premium kitchen scissors retails at RM35.90 and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and DIY stores. To know more about products by 3M, visit www.3M.com or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

Do you own a pair of kitchen scissors? What have you been using it for so far?


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I have the one from Ikea too and I use it for everything that I would use a knife for. In fact for cutting up chicken, a pair of scissors is actually much much easier than using a cleaver, I've found. Just wondering how the 3M one compares to Ikea coz you know, price difference is HUGE!

beetrice said...

LOL ditto PB, I've got several pairs of Ikea scissors too! :P Had one of those high-end scissors before (can't remember which brand), but "sakit hati" when it went missing.. :(

PS: always wondered why they packed scissors in those hard plastic cases where you need a pair of...scissors to open them. It's like, if I had the scissors to open this packaging, I wouldn't need to buy these right? *random*

toughcookie said...

Paris B,
i love the Ikea one too!! but only because that was the only one most convenient to source - while shopping for home stuff, right? i guess if you're a heavy user of the tool especially in the kitchen, you might just feel the difference. then again, you might not. come you wanna borrow mine first??

toughcookie said...

am pretty amused by that thought. totally agree! have bought a few items that are just sooo difficult to pry open even using really sharp scissors! they are probably built that way as a safety precaution from little kids. hehe.

oh, talk about sakit hati, i can get easily irritated when my kitchen scissors or even my normal scissors get missing.