Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fabulously Thrilled with Fabulous Finds Beauty Box

Guess what recently dropped on my lap??

fabulous finds package
Ok, I must be the slowest of them all in posting up this subject but since I missed the launch, I guess there are positive sides to being slow - one: that I am publicising Fabulous Finds, our first local beauty box subscription service when the hype has died down somewhat, and two: I get to write about how it looks like sent to our doorstep! :)

fabulous finds - a box inside a box
As you can see in the top most picture, the box looked worn out from shipping. But, I was surprised to find that there was another perfect-looking box inside the delivery box. Awesome, right... or shall I use the word, fabulous??

fabulous finds - awesome packaging
When I opened it up, I realised that Fabulous Finds puts the fine details as their top priority. Everything felt impeccably gorgeous which makes it a little sad when I really have to untie the ribbon and remove the pink 'ff' sticker. It's like I had just ordered myself some luxurious pair of sexy lingerie from VS.

ff - overview
An overview.

fabulous finds - products in box
Most of the products that came in the beauty box are of a nice deluxe sample size that could last for at least 2 weeks to a possible 2 months of daily use. And from what I gather, subscription is at RM35 a month, which looking at the brands, I'd say the subscription is a pretty nice deal. My only qualm is that my sensitive skin may not agree with at least half of the products in this pack.

ff - list of items & price
And if you look at the list of items and they're full-sized price, there's no way that I'd replenish the items once the sample finishes. But, it helps a lot for my reviews because they are plenty enough to show some form of result and I am able to provide views on say, Beaubelle that people hardly use because they are not easily found over the counter. Taking Beaubelle as an example, the products are decent, although I think there are many others that work well, are easily found and not so costly.

I am sure you've read about Fabulous Finds if you've been reading the rest of the #evurl ladies here, here, here, here, here and here. You can even visit their website and be a fan of their fb page for updates and information on their services. I am not one who is very familiar with other beauty boxes subscription but I liked what Fabulous Finds promises their subscribers - good deal, new & best beauty finds every month, helping the less fortunate ladies out there (who help pack the boxes for us!), steal deals for 3/6/9/12-month subscriptions, and down to the fine details of hiring a reliable delivery service to ensure the boxes arrive in pristine condition. I'm like sold, already, if not for the facts I've listed in the above paragraph ;)

But here's my personal scoop on Fabulous Finds with Hui Ling, the founder of FF...
  1. How did the idea came about to start up FF? - after reading many beauty bloggers write about beauty box subscriptions across the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore, I thought it was time to start a similar service here locally. More importantly, I would like to have a social enterprise where employment opportunities are provided to women from disadvantaged backgrounds to supplement their income. Incidentally, the name Fabulous Finds came with hope that each beauty box will continuously intrigue subscribers as we bring only the best and latest samples from high-end and niche brands.
  2. Did you think there was a demand for a beauty box subscription in Malaysia? - I was confident of it having taken off in so many countries and Malaysian women asking why there weren't any such service available locally. With a subscription, women are able to try the samples out before splurging on full-sized items and introduces them to brands or beauty products that they would not have otherwise used. And, as the brands are reputable beauty brands, subscribers gain access to the best offering in the market. But that's not all that we hope to achieve as we aim to provide a platform of sorts for knowledge sharing on our facebook page.
  3. How did you initially envisioned the support from beauty lovers? Was it a risk you were willing to take? - We envisioned enthusiastic response to FF and we have been right so far. We had heart-warming messages from women all over Malaysia thanking us for doing this, they took pictures of their boxes and post on our fb page saying how delighted they are to have received the boxes. There was certainly a risk at the very beginning but we had faith that we would receive a good support for this venture.
  4. Is there any specific target number of subscribers? - definitely but we also would like to grow our subscriber base. We have priced ourselves at an affordable price of RM35 per month to allow as many Malaysian women as possible to have access to this service. 
  5. Any views on the beauty industry in Malaysia and the awareness of Malaysian women on beauty? - I think the beauty industry in Malaysia is maturing and competition for consumer attention is quite stiff. Malaysian women are increasingly beauty savvy and better educated, keeping themselves up to date with the latest products and offerings hence, demanding effectiveness of products and not easily convinced to adverts. 
  6. It's been a month since the launch. How's it been? - the support has been tremendously encouraging with some subscribers purchasing our boxes as gifts. And since the products come in various types, it is natural for our subscribers to share the box with friends and family members.
Apart from getting fabulous stuff monthly, you would also be able to personally interact with the founder as she loves receiving feedback. All your enquiries will be replied personally, making this service absolutely unique.

I am looking forward to reading more about FF in the coming months. I may not subscribe to the service just yet but I will not discount the possibility. We'll see... in the mean time, I would like to try to finish up as many products I have as possible so that I don't continue to accumulate. It's such a bad habit to have so many good stuff but with no desire to finish them up, don't you think?

Have you signed up for the service yet? If you haven't what's holding you back?


Alison Alison said...

I just subbed and I can't wait

toughcookie said...

hiya Alison Alison,
excited, right? share your thoughts once you get them delivered to your doorstep :)

Puteri said...

i am sooo tempted!