Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brighter, more luminous skin with Lancome's Blanc Expert Duo - Derm Crystal & Spot Eraser Melanolyser

Remember my post on Lancome's Blanc Expert Derm Crystal about 2 months ago? Well, today I would like to update you on how it fared so far.

lancome blanc duo

I did mention to you in that entry that I was impressed with the Derm Crystal immediately after the first use. If I had wanted clarity and smoothness of the skin, I got it. I used it at night and I think the salicylic acid content somewhat helped slough away dull skin - I woke up looking un-tired with smooth skin. 

I have been getting a little bit more pimples than usual before this and I must say that although it is not an anti-blemish product, it probably did help with the appearance of my skin. And since I felt truly happy with its efficacy, I have decided to get its soul mate, the Blanc Expert Spot Eraser just to see how much better my skin would look. I am, after all a big fan of brightening products and I believe that the ingredients in this range could help me look naturally radiant.

According to Lancome, the combination of both products can dramatically improve the look of skin, making it look exceptionally luminous. They would give you flawless, fair radiant skin where skin dullness is reduced, you'll get longer lasting glow, there'll be a reduction in dark spots and skin will appear brighter. I am not sure how they will fare on me but I may be biased of Lancome since I did use its whitening range some time back and my old pimple marks were practically erased off my face. Now, they have all been reformulated and that might not necessarily give me the same effect especially since my hormones have been playing tricks on me and the skin isn't as youthful as it was back then.

Thankfully, as I discovered, they work pretty well. I have been using the Derm Crystal for about 2 months now and the Spot Eraser for about 1 month. I may not see any dramatic results since I have been using whitening products for the past couple of years on and off, but I did notice that my skin looks pretty healthy even without makeup in the afternoon. Improvement in clarity is noticeable  and skin texture has definitely looked so much better.

Before this, I would use an entire range of whitening products from other brands yet I don't see quite the result I get from just using these 2 products to supplement my current anti-blemish skincare regime. At my most tired moods, I would be surprised to see how clear the skin appears.

I'm quite happy with the way this duo work on my skin. Just 2 drops of crystal clear Derm Crystal and 2 drops of the white-colour liquid of the Spot Eraser on my palm, mix them together and apply. I can't see the content of the blue tube after 1 month of use but the Derm Crystal is still about half way through after 2 months of use, twice a day. I won't say I am loving them tremendously but I do like them very much :)

Both Derm Crystal and Spot Eraser Melanolyser comes in a 30ml packaging that retails at RM350 and RM330 each. 

Are you a fan of brightening products? Have you tried these yet?


prettybeautiful.net said...

think i am growing to like the serum, despite the breakouts, the remaining skin is looking even and bright actually :D

toughcookie said...

it is that good, right? glad it is working well on you too.

Niria Manuel said...

Is this product in south africa

annonimous said...

Is this product in south africa

annonimous said...

Is this product in south africa