Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Naturally Radiant with Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

The Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation was an accidental awesome discovery. I was checking out some new products at the Clarins Skin Spa in BSC a long time back (note how small my baby was then) and the beauty therapist there gave me a sample.

For my skin type and skin concern, they initially told me I should get the other foundation that will give me a matte effect and helps control oil but I thought, enough of oil-control... I already have the entire skincare range to control oil. For my foundation, I would like for it to give me a soft and glowy effect that would make my skin look natural and totally healthy.

Remember an old post where I mentioned how I was looking for a perfect liquid foundation for my skin? Well, I am thinking that this might be it. This is it :) The sample lasted me around 2 tries and I was sold! 3 days after getting the sample, I went and bought the actual size ;)

The Skin Illusion Foundation contains mineral and plant extracts. I am not a big fan of mineral makeup because the one mineral makeup I tried of a well known brand broke me out and made my skin itch. But the sample that I tried of this particular product felt totally awesome... I love the fresh scent and the coverage was just perfect - the foundation wasn't too thick nor liquidy, gave enough coverage to hide minor flaws but the best thing was, it transformed into a satiny finish, almost powdery-like that I don't really need to apply loose powder on top, if I wanted to look totally natural. But... since I've always had issues with my dark circles, I would usually apply powder on the eye area while I dab the rest of my face with whatever remaining traces of blusher after I'm done with my cheeks. Hence, I get a healthy glow all over while the foundation is set lightly.
The formula is not oily at all and since it promises to hydrate skin continuously, the skin looks and feel comfortable all day. Just 1 pump and I have enough to cover my entire face + upper neck area. And although it contains SPF10, I think it isn't good enough to protect one's skin from our harsh daylight. Therefore, I would still use a UV make up base before applying this foundation. You know how sunscreen can make one's skin a little oilier? Well, I don't get any problems with this foundation at all.

I also love the glass bottle. The size is just right to fit into the palm of our hands and feels sturdy enough to resist against getting all clumsy. Since I bought this awhile ago, I kinda forgot how much it costs but I think it must be around RM130-RM150 for a 30ml bottle.

I think Clarins has recently come out with many good products that work if applied correctly and this is not the only product from this brand that I've been eyeing. So, if you're looking for a good foundation with a clean and natural finish, do check out the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation. Who knows, it may be a good start to discover their other wonderful products.

Do you use liquid foundation? Which one is your ultimate favourite?


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this review. Do you know how hard it is to find a review on these? Now my problem is to find a colour match. I notice you use 110. Do you reckon I should dial down one or two shades then? (seeing as we've worked out we are close in tone and just a shade or two different?)

toughcookie said...

dear Paris B,
hehe... i should have done it sooner ;P

since your skin tone is so much fairer (and based on that revlon test we did), you may need to dial down two shades. not sure how good it will fare compared to the new Dior and Clinique foundations you tried. but do share :)

Zakaria Mahuddin said...

Clarins is the best facial products I've ever used. I just want to share with you that I get my Clarins facial products from LahBeauty.com. They offer the best price in town.