Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation SPF15

Eversince Clinique discontinued their Almost Makeup here, I found myself on the hunt for the perfect liquid foundation for my skin. And if you've used Almost Makeup, you probably would know how long ago that might have been.

I like liquid foundations because they can make my skin look clean and fresh, yet natural... however, most of the liquid foundations I used does not work as well on my skin - usually oxidised at the end of the day, looks patchy later in the afternoon, would streak and sometimes look 'masky' (is there such a word??).

So, when some beauty bloggers went buzzing about the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, I was instantly sold... not only do I like the word, 'Refining', I quite like the simple packaging. I have also never tried any liquid foundations from Shiseido and I was game to give it a go.

My shade is 140 and it has a yellow base.

As what it says at the back of the box, the liquidy texture felt amazing on the skin. I don't know why but if you dot the foundation on your skin, it gives a cooling sensation, somewhat telling you that it has hydrating properties. Yet, when thoroughly applied, it instantly dries up to a powdery finish that you don't really need to apply loose powder after that if you're going for that natural sheen finish.

As I have dark undereye circles and dislike using concealer, I would usually mattify the foundation with powder on my eye area. It doesn't give me that full matt result as my skin would oil up after probably 20-30 minutes post-application. But I do like that it's texture is so light yet able to cover up my large pores quite well.

Just a little of it goes a long way because coverage is pretty excellent, I must say. But as the coverage is expansive, it can look a little patchy later in the afternoon when my skin starts to really oil up. It will look even worse if I pile the foundation up with powder. It is supposed to be good on its own. Well, one should just use the oil blotter or tissue to remove surface oil but I would always forget to do that and I'd arrive home from work with a super shiny face.

I don't think that the foundation is at fault, it's just my skin that's too hard to please...

I do use it every once in awhile when I think I need the added coverage and I still think it is a good find. However, I won't say yet that I've found that perfect foundation for my skin.

Which foundation do you like most? And have you tried this one?

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