Monday, November 28, 2011

Ralph Lauren Blue for Women

I have a plentiful number of perfume bottles on my vanity desk, the majority of them were purchased when I was frequenting Singapore every month at one point in my working life. There are just so many of them that they all take up 1/3 of my dressing table :)

I have to admit, most of them were purchased at a whim and I hardly repurchase once a bottle finishes up. There are however, favourite scents of mine which I would replenish once the fragrance ran out but there is this one particular scent that I haven't been able to get my hands on for the past couple of years or more.

I had even went through the Amazon[dot]com site in UK so that I could get Mr Oosband's friends who're working there to bring it home with them. However, there is a strange lack of stock even in the UK. In fact, a good friend who has been buying her stock everytime she flies to Hong Kong told me that even they do not sell this particular perfume there anymore.

So, imagine my disappointment when I saw that it is currently only sold in the US-of-A. And after years of searching, fate had finally led it to me...

A big box to satiate my craving for its really wonderful unique scent...

It's the Ralph Lauren Blue for Women, thanks to a friend who made it possible for those who wish to purchase items from the States..

Have you ever smelt it? Do you even remember it being launched here in Malaysia?

Years ago when it was launched, I only got a small 50ml bottle because this EDP wasn't cheap. I hardly used much of it then because it didn't smell as good as it did until I used it again after a couple of years. From then on, I found out that perfumes I bought and hardly used from years back smelt even better on me... I am not sure if it's the composition of the fragrance after being used a little and hence, contain a small amount of O2 or that I have experienced a lot of hormonal changes to my body which possibly resulted in a change of chemistry between my skin and those fragrances.

When I asked the promoters of Ralph Lauren here in KL, I was told that this particular perfume has been discontinued locally shortly after it was launched as they weren't getting much fans of it.

Like, seriously? I mean, I got quite a few people at work actually asking me how nice the fragrance smell on me and asked what I had put on. I have friends who commented the same. In fact, I received a comment from one male celebrity at a fundraising event when he said that it has been awhile since he smelt this particular scent... and he was spot on when he guessed the name of this perfume. So, like there are not much fans, you say? I am truly perplexed...

So, since it ain't easy obtaining the Ralph Lauren Blue for Women (also me being kiasu in case it also gets discontinued in the States), I made sure I ordered the largest package there is - a 100ml and a 30ml bottle, nice enough to fit in my luggage when I need to travel.

Do you have any particular fragrance that you truly adore and do you go all out to obtain them?


Chech said...

I love, love, love Sensi by Armani. Too bad it has been discontinued in Malaysia. Am I going all out to buy it? No. Nonetheless, I truly miss the scent. It suited me well.

Reading this made me google for Sensi - and, it is being sold online ;). So, I guess I will get it again eventually.

tuffcookie said...

hiya chech,
good for you! :D