Sunday, December 5, 2010

NouriFusion MultiVitamin Skincare - A Review.

I realised that I have a review that's slightly overdue which at this moment, I would like to share how much I enjoy the experience of applying the range of products on my face. Yes, I do.

I wouldn't claim that they are extremely good because skincare usually works differently on different people due to our different skin texture, lifestyle habits and our internal mechanism of reacting towards each chemical compound/ingredient.

However, I think it is safe to say that they definitely work well on my skin. This is my review on the NouriFusion MultiVitamin Skincare, a range sold under the Herbalife MLM giant.

First up, the cleanser.

I love that it comes in a 200ml bottle, unlike the average-sized cleanser from most luxury brands where you'd usually find them at only 125-150ml. It retails at about RM78 or you could get it for as low as RM60 if you join as member/distributor. It comes in a liquidy-gel form in a white plastic pump bottle, smells a faint citrusy-tea tree oil, won't strip off natural oils from skin yet make your skin cleansed enough. You could just use 1 pump and lather with water but sometimes, when I come home from work with super-streaky face, I'd use 2 pumps, after using my usual makeup remover.

The ingredients probably boasts wonderful astringent and anti-bacterial properties, with healing and soothing contents as well.

Next, would be the toner. The bottle looks pretty small but it is a standard-sized toner as those others in the market.
Just like the cleanser, this one smells similar. I like that it is alcohol-free, doesn't dry up an oily face nor make it tight and I believe that as much as it tries to freshen up my face, it also leaves a light trace of hydration. Thus, after using this for a month, my skin feels less irritated after my normal cleansing routine. The toner retails at the same price as the cleanser.

the ingredients for the toner

After the toner, I'd use my usual brightening serum and moisturiser from the DiorSnow range (daytime) and Estee Lauder's ANR + DiorSnow moisuriser at night.

Now, what I shall rave about is their 2 masks - the Clarifying Mask and Moisture Mask.

The mask is green in colour and just like the cleanser, I love its smell. The smell is not too strong for a user to bear throughout the 10 minutes of application but rather faint and relaxing. I would always look forward to my weekly personal 'spa session' at home, after work, and when I think that my skin gets too congested from a long day of makeup, debris and sweat, I would use this on alternate days yet this mask doesn't make my skin dehydrated.

For its price of RM110 (non-members) or RM85 (members/distributors), I can say that it is comparable to the clay mask from Kiehl's, although the latter is stronger in terms of its astringent properties.

If you don't have very oily/congested skin, the witch hazel extract and eucalyptus oil in the clarifying mask may be a little too strong for you as they draw up impurities immediately upon application and you can feel the strong astringent-minty sensation.

As for their moisture mask, I must say that this is one of the best moisture/hydrating masks I have tried in my whole lifetime. The only hydrating masks I love and work well for me come from Dermalogica and Aveda. They give me the right amount of hydration without leaving any traces of slicky film on my skin after they are washed off and this one works in a similar way.

As per the rest of the products in this range, I love that they come in huge sizes.

I especially love that the mask has a souffle-like texture! It melts like butter on my skin when I leave it on for about 10 minutes and I enjoy slathering it on my skin everytime because it feels like I have put my fingers on a super-creamy cheese cake topping :)

The smell is so relaxing and it feels so luxurious. This one is priced the same as the Clarifying Mask.

I don't think I should explain how each of the ingredient works. You can google them up to know that the mixture is possibly what makes the product so good.

I must say that in only 1 week, the milia on my face seemed to dry up. If you have milia, you know that they do not dry up... instead, they take time to ripen and rise to the top layer of your skin before you could pop them out. They come out like a hardened fatty ball and until they ripen, it is painful to extract them... and they need to be extracted or they become part of the skin and you'll see them as hard lumps.

However, when they dried up on my skin, they kinda drop off from the skin very easily and my skin had much less milia than usual. Now that I have been using them for a month, I see a marked improvement... well, until recently when work stress got to me and my beauty therapist told me that I should do this and that to minimise the effects from the busy-ness and stress.

Hence, that is why, as much as I think this range of products work well for me, I think the other best way to manage skin problems is to study our usual lifestyle habits, food intake, stress level and the environment we are exposed to every day.

But frankly for me, I'd like to continue using these products and possibly try their moisturiser in the same range as well, once my stock has depleted. I think that their claim of having vitamin properties in the range is no empty claim and that for an MLM company who had always been focused on diet formula, I am surprised that they produced a skincare range of quality and good value.

I got these from Kamal, who's an acquaintance from the blogworld. If you are interested to get them, do give him a call at 017-3331710 so that he could tell you more about them.


Mayo said...

Since everyone's skin is different - and personal preferences on products come into play - it's good to read as many unbiased reviews of skin care products as possible.

Here's a page with reviews of natural skin care products that are also organic. The reviews are based on the experiences and findings of members of a test panel.

Nour said...

Hey juan,

I so love the clarifying and moisture works well on me.

However my cleansing regime is H20+
which is also refreshing :)

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