Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Chanel Travel MakeUp Kit @KLIA duty free

What I always love about travelling by air via our KLIA, is the beautiful fact that I am able to purchase nice travel make up kits which I am always a sucker for...

First of all, I am a pack rat. I love packing stuff into small packages so that I always travel light, no matter how heavy my luggage will feel in the end... the most important thing for me, is that my skincare items (which usually gives that substantial amount of weight in addition to clothes and stuff) are packed in small travel size bottles and containers, and I would carry multi-use make up products, ie. blusher cream that doubles up as lip colour, etc.

Hence, make up kits are always a hit with me because I love to have everything in one case :) the only negative bit about this particular weakness of mine, is that I have plenty of kits that are either not used at all or being used only half way before moving on to a new one ;P

this... was my latest weakness...

I've always loved Chanel products but have never made it a point to stock up because they don't all work well with my skin. I cannot wear their lipsticks as they make my lips dry and itchy, and I have never really tested their powdered colours on my face, except for their famous oil-free compact foundation. Once, when I used their liquid eye-liner, I loved it to bits until the product dried up within 2-3 months. *ouch* to my pockets then.

Recently, with the Laura Mercier make up kit that came sans brushes and one Dior make up kit I bought on a trip to Singapore that's hardly used because its colours were too shimmery, I scoured for other gorgeous make up kits... and Chanel has always given me that luxurious feel, as their packaging are always super gorgeous! Hence, this particular one didn't make me think twice about grabbing it.

once the beautiful velvety envelope is opened, these are what you can find inside, all at only RM229, even cheaper than the Laura Mercier kit I got the other day huhu...

yes, the colours are subtle unlike the strong colours of the LM kit I got, but that's what you get out of a make up kit... you can't have everything you like in one pack... there would be something not right but what matters most is that you're happy with what you're getting.

As for me, I love the sweet colours contained in the compact... there are 4 eyeshadows, 4 lip colours and 1 blusher. I am especially satisfied with this purchase because I do not have to carry an additional brush case and unlike my normal clumsiness in losing the velvet pouch enveloping a make up kit compact, this time, I take very good care of the case because it is as important as the kit. Why? Because it holds those important brushes I need, with additional storage of 2-3 more travel brushes.

If you're travelling via KLIA and love make up kits like I do, do check out the Chanel counter. I haven't used the colours yet and I cannot tell you how well the colour transfers to your skin nor can I say much about its staying power but I shall update it once I've dipped my fingers in its colours. For now, I would like to just admire the unused pack until the novelty wears off ;D

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