Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good buys from reviews I read.

I know that some people have bought the wonderful mop that makes every woman's mopping no longer a chore from the review I wrote before... 2 people have told me that they bought some Zoobies also from what they read in my blog and I know of some who went over to get the Bobbi Brown latest Holiday 2010 palette after I posted the picture of it ;)

As for me, these are the things that I have gotten because I was sucked into their positive reviews by those beauty blogs I so love to read...

Got these stuff (not at one go!) from this beauty blog. I gotta say that the NUDE foundation from Dior is my current favourite especially after I came across its perfect partner - the Laura Mercier oil-free primer which helps the foundation glide on more smoothly on my skin and keeping me looking dewy-moist after a long day at work :)

These, I got after I read the reviews on this former beauty editor's blog. It started with the Rouge Serum lipsticks I once wrote about, as she let me see her very red stick. And from then on, I became hooked on finding out the latest easy-fix makeup tricks or products that really work, from her blog. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with Benefit's Smokin' Eyes kit because the colours are wearable, they even have a 'tutorial' on how to create a smoky look and you'd find all the necessary tools inside the little kit :D

This, I must say is a really good buy. Although this beauty blogger showed some eecky-gooey pictures from the nose-chin-forehead pack, I was instantly sold on how well it worked and went hunting for the nearest Skin Food store ;P

And this is my current all-time favourite makeup remover! Man... I wouldn't want to replenish any of my milk cleanser once they run out because Biore's makeup remover wipes really make my skin clean. Of course, I have a very oily skin condition and with the pile up of products on my skin, I usually need 2 cotton wipes to ensure my face feels squeaky clean. I love its smell and I love that it is cheap, and its refill pack readily available at Guardian stores. Thanks to Connie, for featuring this on her blog.

What have you bought from the information you got through the blogs you read?


❤ Ee Von said...

i might just get the laura mercier oil free primer because you recommended it! :D

sunshine jewelry said...

Thanks for recommending Patene the other day. I tried Pantene Hair fall solution shapoo and conditioner and at last it solved my problem! I have already tried all kinds of brand..and Pantene worked for me! Thank Juan!

Yukanth N

Sarclover said...

I need an eyeshadow application lesson from you daahling. I am hopeless at it. That's why the weapon of choice had always been eyeliners.. :P