Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review update - Laura Mercier Holiday 2010 palette & oil-free primer

I've been extremely slow in updating my reviews because work has been keeping me busy on my toes even after office hours and some are telling me that I shall find my rhythm soon.

But really, I've been dying to share with you my thoughts on my recent Laura Mercier purchase that I think I have started to fall in love with its products... and I believe I will be going back to their counter next month as I've used up all of my vanity budget this month, and more ;)

First up, the limited edition Holiday 2010 makeup palette. I must tell you that colour transfer is amazing. I've heard it from at least one other luxury beauty brand of the technology they used to ensure colour transfer from their makeup palette goes on exactly as how it looks onto users' skin but I've never before heard of this claim by Laura Mercier. Being a first time user of this brand and all these while having a perception that this brand is more suitable for those with mature skin, I am seriously taken in by surprise at how fresh the colours actually are and that they are not just for people with dry, mature skin.

with just an ordinary compact camera, it is always difficult to capture a nice picture of my eye makeup because the colours do not show up that well under natural lighting and worse with flash. but this time, it came out pretty well...

My only qualm is the absence of brushes in the palette but I guess that shouldn't be a major issue because that would allow us to buy the palette at a more decent price. Good brushes would make it cost so much more. Hence, my well-kept mini brushes from Bobbi Brown finally came out from their nice 'hideout' after years of neglect ;)

Seriously, I love the intense eye colours, absolutely love the 2 blushers (I only wish they are bigger in size!) and I particularly love the 2 lip colours. I am not sure if many brands out there have started using ingredients safe for sensitive lips or that my lip condition has improved because I have widen my list of brands of lippies that I can now use instead of just one particular brand all these years. Definitely, Laura Mercier is one of the brands at the top of my list now.

Next, I shall talk about the small sample tub that I got for their oil-free primer. Walah... I've finally found the perfect primer for my skin. I've tried so many already... you name it! But this would be it for me... there's no fragrant, it glides on smoothly making my skin matte and soft, and at the end of the day, when my skin start to get a little oily-shiny, my skin looks super radiant instead of looking cakey or have cracks on my fine lines under my eye-area. Since the promotion for it going at RM99 is still ongoing until end Dec'10, I must must get a tube of it.

As for the tinted moisturiser, I think I shall update that in another post. Must not get everyone too excited in one night ;P


Evelyn said...

Hi there,

I noticed you mentioned the RM99 Laura Mercier primer promotion, is it the one requiring the voucher from the Her World magazine? =)


toughcookie said...

hi evelyn,
i believe they have some coupons printed in magazines but my coupon was picked up at the Laura Mercier counter itself... they handed me a product brochure with all the holiday kits and items and at the last page, there is a coupon for you to cut out.

hope this info helps :)

Evelyn said...


Oh! Were the brochures FOC then?
Thanks very much, I've been looking for the coupons. HAHA


toughcookie said...

hi evelyn,
yes, the brochures were handed out FOC ;)