Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sealer Diaper & Baby Mall: fuss free efficient service to your doorstep

Ok, this just arrived on Friday, 1 October via delivery and I just have to share this info with you.

Remember a previous post about my disgust with a hypermarket which made it difficult for me to get our usual stock of Sealer diapers? Well, it was good that it happened the way it did as I managed to get information on Sealer and found an online wholesaler who's selling it for so much cheaper - you'd have to order a pack of half a dozen, though, at RM150 only for the entire pack + RM15 delivery charge, which equals to you only paying RM27.50 per pack of 36 (L size) compared to about RM35-RM39 retail, depending on which supermarket you go to. For them to deliver it straight to your doorstep, I say that this is damn convenient!

Jada being a busy body since she probably hasn't seen a Sealer pack for awhile already...

Our discovery with the Sealer disposable diaper started when Jada was born. At that time, the goodie bag I received after I checked out of the hospital contained one trial packet of 2 Sealer diapers. I didn't think much of it since the packaging at that time looked a little weird - it was bright orange with leopard print, and so I just kept it aside until much later when I decided to give it a try.

And, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package because that was when I discovered how soft the diaper felt and that it was super absorbent. The diaper felt cottony plush to the touch, it has attractive, bold animal prints and the elastic band on the waist and hips felt super soft and comfortable. Jada didn't develop any reaction to it and when I saw the price of Sealer in our local Giant hypermarket, I was even more impressed that it costs lesser than the famous MamyPoko or Huggies.

The new Sealer Smart now comes with a new look and newer 'technology'.

Previously, their animal prints looked like this but I guess they have now come to a softer approach. Kinda look like strawberry milk from Dutch Lady or something ;P

The waistband is wide and unlike some diapers that look like a hikini, Sealer diapers cover the hip-area more widely.

If you'd like to give it a try, I am happy to recommend this online wholesaler because I made the purchase after 12 noon on 29 September and it arrived just 2 days later.


Rozana said...

beb, u still order ths brand?

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hi, can u email me the online wholesaler for Sealer diapers ? My email is Thanks in advance ya ...