Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

It's not very often when you get the opportunity to say that something has come and changed your life and that things will never be the same again. Of course I’m talking about the iPhone 4! The iPhone 4 has yet again shown the rest of the smartphone world how things are really done. The ease of use pretty much makes the iPhone 4 stupid-proof and that's a big deal for me because it will make life much easier handling such a gadget. Before long you’ll wonder how you have gone without it before.

I've been telling my very tech savvy, Mr Husband the wonders of the iPhone 4 and even though he says that he doesn’t like it, I did catch him browsing the DiGi and Apple website looking for more info on the phone... even saw him tweeting about trying out his colleague's iPhone 4 at the office... such a flake, right? ;P

But who can blame him? It is such a wonderful device that anyone would want to get their hands on it, even if it meant fiddling with the iPhone 4 for just a couple of minutes :)

I can already think of ways for both of us to use it, actually.

Like, whenever he’s running late from work, I’ll just send him some provocative mms to encourage him to come home. You know... like this one....

Now how can he not get enticed with such a photo, eh?? That's my signature toughcookie's homemade burger. With the iPhone 4’s retina display, he can probably taste it *wink*

... or even me video calling him via FACETIME to encourage him to come home early...

...him coming home early to have some actual 'facetime’...

How can he resist this right?

daddy, come home fast, okeh? i mish yiu...

And what better to complement the smartest phone than that smarter choice for a telco - DiGi.

So, why wouldn't I be the best candidate to win the iPhone 4 from DiGi? I am smart (ehem!) and I pretty much acknowledge how much DiGi is the better choice for me. After all, iPhone 4 kind of stands for 'life' because it will be a part of everything I do daily and involves my family as well. I know I can share much more with you but not until I get my hands on that iPhone 4 from DiGi ;D

Definitely a smarter choice, always.

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