Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Giant Hypermarket @Giant Mall, KJ: Shame on You!

This post is probably so overdue. I had wanted to make it known to everyone about this issue but I was allowing some time to further observe, especially after highlighting this twice to the staff of Giant Hypermarket at Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya, PJ.

See, I love the Sealer disposable diaper. We got 2 pieces of sample from Sealer on the day Jada was born and we instantly fell in love with it. The texture boasts soft plush cottony finish and it looks super cute with animal prints all over the diaper. The size is huge in that it totally covers Jada's buttocks unlike some of the diapers in the market which is narrow in size. Best of all, it is priced very competitively - cheaper than Huggies or MamyPoko, yet works just as good.

Come to think of it, whenever Jada uses this diaper, she'd hardly get any diaper rash. In fact, there's no redness at all even after 10 hours of wear at bedtime. We're now putting her on other brands here and there since it is difficult to find Sealer except at Giant KJ just nearby where we live. Even if we do find Sealer at Cold Storage outlets, their price is so much higher that it makes better sense to just switch to another brand like MamyPoko in Giant.

So yes... we have some problems with it recently, which I believe has been going on for at least 4-5 months. See the below photos to learn why.

This photo was taken on 23 May 2010, after I felt extremely frustrated with them as I had highlighted this matter twice before. I didn't manage to complain to the store manager, though, as I always come by after office hours and their cashiers would tell me that the office is closed. What further irks me is that their cashiers are all part-timers and cannot help you at all even with a simple enquiry. Note the rack on top with Sealer packs in all sizes, except Large (L). You can see one L size at the bottom rack, very clearly and obviously displayed in only ONE unit. ONE. Why? See photo below...

There is a tear at the pack and I believe that people are not buying this due to safety and health reasons. Like come on... an opened pack may have allowed germs and bacteria into it... worse, even cockroaches! But... Giant refused to replenish their stock of L-sized Sealer diapers, probably until this particular ONE unit is sold off! We've been going there since 4-5 months back and every week when we come by for our milk/diaper shopping, we would keep seeing only this ONE unit of L size.

We're so flustered by this fact and the sales assistant we spoke to gave us a bewildered look, as if there's nothing wrong in displaying it there, and that they were out of L size diapers for Sealer, except for this one unit!

Today, I shall not keep quiet anymore because it totally irked me when I could see plenty new stocks of Sealer, in all sizes - Newborn, S, M and XL but.... where is the L size, you may ask??....

Colourful and bright packs in all sizes, no?

4 levels of diaper (you can click on the picture for larger image) and just look at the lowest rack where something is peeking out, shouting for someone to discover it... it is 2 August after my last photo opportunity with one opened pack (and 5 months since I first bumped into it)..... the below photo will explain everything....

Yes, the same pack, now not displayed very obviously, yet no sign of newer stocks of L size Sealer diapers. Now tell me if I should be less irritated.

I hope Sealer - the manufacturer/distributor can check on this matter because I find this highly unacceptable.

I mean, just because one hypermarket is able to provide customers with cheap-er goods, that doesn't mean that we, the customers, should be subjected to goods of compromised quality. In this case it is totally something unacceptable and highly unethical because it is a baby product and we all know how important it is to ensure safety, health and cleanliness of what would be used on babies. If such simple factor is being compromised just so Giant could maximise their profit, can you just imagine what you're getting from their house brands? Are they willing to risk the health and safety of their customers in order to make bigger bucks?

I am totally appalled by this.

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