Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schwarzkopf's GLISS KUR Silk Repair Range & LOREAL's ELSEVE Nutrition Night Serum

In relation to a previous post where I tell you that not everything on my vanity case are expensive, luxury brand items, I have about a month ago made a switch to a drugstore brand for my haircare needs.

I know that I've mentioned about how good Kiehl's haircare range made my hair feel. But I have started to swim every night so that I could get back into my pre-pregnancy shape (which is waaaayy so overdue) and because of that, I've used up the 500ml bottle almost at the same rate I did with the first 250ml stock! :\

So, with that recklessness with my supposedly 'entire year's' budget for a shampoo (as the 500ml bottle was supposed to last about that long), I decided that I ought to punish myself and go search for quality drugstore brand haircare. After all, there must be those that would be suitable for my funny hair condition - oily scalp with dry hair.

My first option was to get one brand that just launched a new packaging and formula to their new range of products. Yup, I had them in my hands until those annoying sales promoter who seem to be permanently stationed in our local drugstore outlets swayed me into buying something else. But but but... to be fair, what she suggested to me smelt so much better than those I was holding (hehe!) and so, I decided to try them out since they are from an internationally renowned brand, anyways.

I got the whole set - shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment by Schwarzkopf's Gliss Kur.

I don't think my hair is dull but since they didn't have one for oily scalp and dry hair, I decided that this may be the most suitable compared to their other range.

The ingredients of the shampoo...

I was scratching my head when I read 'combability' until I finally realised what it means. Like, is there such a word? hehe...

Ingredients for the conditioner.

Ingredients for the leave-in treatment. Don't bother reading the bottle cos it is all written in German ;P

Overall, I felt that I liked the smell better than other drugstore brand shampoos I've tried before. It has a tinge of lemony scent which made my hair feel clean and fresh after a wash but I wouldn't say much about the silky part... I mean, I seriously cannot compare the result I got from this as what I got from the Kiehl's range I so love. But, I must say that my hair did feel soft, it was easy to comb but since I have long hair, the ends did get entangled every once in awhile.

The leave-in spray smells nice but I had to spray more than 10 times... wait, I think about 20 times, until I am sure that my entire hair was treated. I think it did fare better than something else I tried before but of course, if you are so used to treatment oil say, from Kerastase or other luxury brands, this one might feel a little sticky when your wet hair gets into contact with your skin. So, to avoid from getting clogged pores on my facial area, I would need to wear a hairband to secure my hair because I don't use hair-dryer, and therefore, I didn't want traces of the sticky film on my face.

And, since I'm a woman who's a little 'gatal' to try out something new, I got a little interested with this bottle from ELSEVE cos I likened it to the night serum on my face hehe... and I think it was the worst purchase ever for my hair. I hate the smell - it made my hair smell as if I just left a local food stall after I sat near where they fry the maggi goreng... and I didn't see any improvements to the hair texture.

I still have this bottle that I only used once. Feel so guilty to throw it away....

This actually made my long, thick & heavy hair totally limp the next day. I mean, you work so hard to rejuvenate your hair with the new range of shampoo and make it go limp with this night serum. Hmmm....

Ok, not everything is bad about this bottle... I kinda think the pump nozzle is brilliantly designed! Just see the part that I had circled in pink...

If only its content is as brilliant as the nozzle... I love the nozzle because it is perfect for travel... it is so snug when inserted into the hole of the nozzle and you can be assured that the content will not spill in your luggage.

Due to my oily scalp, I am still in search of a good drugstore brand because the Gliss Kur range makes my hair dull and limp after 1 1/2 days, and didn't give me that soft, tamed lion's mane with flowy body. I know I can just close one eye and replenish my favourite brand but I still have faith that my hair will finally agree with something that is softer to the pocket. To be fair, the Silk Repair Range is actually ok if I don't compare it with something that's probably 2-3 times more expensive. I mean, you win some, you lose some.

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