Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

What I love about DiGi's iPhone 4 plans are its affordability and value for money. I have seen the plans from another local telecommunications company for iPhone 4 and I think that DiGi has innovated their plans to not put more burden on their iPhone 4 customers. I mean, if you have just forked out your hard earned money to buy the iPhone 4 of your dreams, the smarter choice for you is to pick a phone plan that is soft on your pocket but at the same time delivering the most value for your RM.

After all, DiGi claims that their iWant, iGet iPhone is possibly the best deals. Some claims actually have basis...

With 3 plans to choose from, I guess I can pick a plan that would suit my style and usage. The iDiGi 88 is probably the ultimate starter plan and for only RM88 per month, I can have access to 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 sms, 20 mms and a generous 1GB of data for my browsing and data needs. Hmmm... I'm not sure if I'd be satisfied with this but it does sound like it is sufficient.

I am also considering the iDiGi 138 plan which can be just perfect for me. I mean, for just RM138 a month, I would get 450 minutes of calls, 400 sms, 40 mms and a whopping 3GB of data. That's like double the iDiGi 88 plan but less than double the price! Even if I've used up the free voice calls and what not, the charges are pretty minimal. Surely a smarter choice, right?

Of course the iDiGi 238 plan may be more suitable for those using the iPhone 4 for business... for RM238 per month, one would get 1000 minutes of calls, 600 sms, 6o mms and 5GB of data. For a heavy user, you can call and sms to your heart's content and the generous data allocation would mean that one is able to utilise the iPhone 4 to its full potential.

But but but... what I love even more about DiGi's iPhone 4 plans is the fact that they're currently running a promotion for the first 24 months - they're slashing their monthly fees which results in more savings for users. Coupled with a RM5 discount if I sign up for autobilling, I only need to pay RM58 per month for the iDiGi 88 plan, RM88 for the iDiGi 138 plan and to those heavy users -only RM158 per month for the iDiGi 238 plan. I mean, how can I not be excited of this fact... a RM58 per month for me, allows me to save RM360 annually and that is another smart point.

Of course, all these can only happen if I get that iPhone 4 from DiGi. From then on, I know I have made a smarter choice.

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