Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shiseido Maquillage Perfect Multi Compact

Remember this post a few months back?? Well, I am happy to finally get my hands on this little beauty...

Maquillage compact powder
Maquillage's Perfect Multi Compact... 

Can you see the three tones in this compact - one (the main larger one in the centre) is your normal compact powder, the lighter shade is to highlight your complexion while the slightly darker one is to shape or contour the facial features. Does it work??

Well, I must say that the three tones do not make that much of a difference to me... the darker shade did make my skin tone a little sallow and so I would prefer to mix all three shades together when applying the compact powder.

Coverage wise, it is probably medium to full. Hence, coverage can be quite good. But... it has been awhile since I've used a compact foundation and I think the texture is pretty thick... you'd need to properly double-cleanse your face when you remove it because it really felt thick to me and during the hot sunny weather, it almost felt like my skin didn't get enough oxygen to breathe.

Did it last on my oily skin?? I think it did. It did a good job even after a good afternoon of sweating at a wedding. And so, by late afternoon, my skin actually looked really good once the thick formulation blended in with my natural oils on my skin. Though it feels thick, it wasn't cakey at all.

And the only way for me to alleviate the thick feeling, I would usually only apply a swipe of the powder on my undereyes using the sponge applicator included in the compact. As for the rest of my face, I would use one swipe of a powder brush, making application look totally natural and not feel too heavy on my skin.

maquillage compact
What I like most about the compact is that 'crystal' like texture on the shell of the compact case. The size is quite nice as well.

The Perfect Multi Compact retails at RM40 for the shell casing and RM95 for its refill. For a brand as good as Shiseido, I think the price is quite reasonable. However, I am not sure if I'd repurchase once it finishes because my skin doesn't quite like the heavy feeling of the powder and the three-toned foundation doesn't quite do it for me. I'd say that a loose powder feels so much more comfortable and lighter... but only because I prefer lighter formulation.

I know a lot of ladies who are big fans of Shiseido. But have you tried this one out yet? Do you like it?


plue said...

am so not going anywhere near thick and heavy feeling powders/ foundation!

thanks for the review darling! i nearly had wanted to bought this tee hee :P

shi zhan said...

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