Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wearable Colours with Shiseido's MaQuillage Spring/Summer 2012 Makeup

Shiseido recently launched their Maquillage Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The pastel-inspired collection includes their brand new lippie, the True Rouge, their limited edition Styling Eyes and Perfect Multi Compact foundation.

I am pretty new to Maquillage. The only Maquillage product that I have is their Glamorous Rouge Essence, a product I chanced by accident but totally love it for its moisturising benefit, silicone-induced plump effect and staying power. I have never really checked out the entire makeup range because I just think they are shaped in a weird form and I never believed in forking out extra $$ just to pay for complex packaging.

But when I discovered this range of makeup items, I guess price wise, they're not far off from their competitors. And if the product works, I guess I can learn to love their weird shapes...

new colours
this was displayed during the launch for some industry experts to try on their models.

MQ SS12 Rouge
This is True Rouge (Retails at RM90), a new line of lipstick that has apparently gotten rave reviews elsewhere. Notice the octagonal shape and the crystal like finishing on the top part of the packaging? This is what I meant by the weird shape that is synonymous with the Maquillage range.

MQSS12 lipcolors
The Maquillage True Rouge is available in 12 shades. It promises to deliver a soft and feminine look for up to 8 hours, meaning that the lipstick is supposed to last. However, different than other long-lasting formula, the lipstick is moisturising and appear soft like a lip gloss so that you will get that plumpy and lustrous effect on your lips.

It can be applied direct from the tube to give you that soft and natural look but if you want a shinier and glossy finish, you are advised to use a lip brush to apply the colour to your lips. And if you apply it direct, you would probably appreciate the strange angled shape of the lipstick because it is cut specifically to fit the angle and curve of most women's lips.

I was given the chance to try the lipstick and will share with you what I think in another post :)

styling eyes
These limited edition Maquillage Styling Eyes retail at RM135 each. It is formulated with a special pearl powder to make the colours last and have the right intensity when applied on the skin. It is smudge-proof and also promises to last up to 8 hours.

The Maquillage Perfect Multi Compact is available in 3 shades. I think for a compact, the packaging does look really pretty... doll-like pretty, don't you think? It doubles up as a foundation and finishing powder. Now, this is one product I'd really like to try. Notice the 3 different tones on the compact? They are supposed to help you highlight or create contours to your face, apart from its function as a foundation. Am not too sure if its any good for us regular women who'd just swipe our makeup sponges and apply powder foundation evenly on our faces... but it would be a nice way to practice some contouring technique since it is already available in that one compact. Colour wise, since there are only 3 shades available, am not too sure if you'd easily get a perfect fit but if it has that 3 tones in one compact, you may be able to at least achieve the nearest fit... maybe.

Overall, I think the collection is pretty safe... you don't need any excuse to wear the colours because the shades are all wearable in any environment. That said, when they look like any ordinary colours, one might have plenty of choices to pick from the many similar collections of every other cosmetic brands in the market but I guess when it comes to Maquillage, they would probably depend on their loyal fans or those who believe that Asian cosmetics understand us Asians better. Or like me, when I accidentally chanced upon their lip gloss, while walking around trying out stuff in a departmental store.

Are you a fan of Maquillage? What do you think of their latest collection?


plue said...

true rouge! you are going home with me! haha, looking forward to your review on it! :D

Unknown said...

Do you know the price of the Maquillage Perfect Multi Compact? It's very pretty to look at and somehow appeals to me lol..

I had to look carefully to see the 3 shades in the compact! :)

milktea said...

the 'unknown' comment is from me :) ... milktea

toughcookie said...

you sound really excited. will do one up hopefully by next week :)

toughcookie said...

hiya milktea,
unfortunately, the people in shiseido HQ couldn't tell me the price for the compact. i guess i can try to check it out at the counters when i'm out.

haha you managed to see the 3 tones in that one shade, right?

Janice said...

Thanks for the review! is there any shimmer in the true rouge lipstick?