Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Tip on Your Child's Nutrition: How to Sustain Interest in Milk?

About a month back, Jada and I were treated to a talk and some good time with Wyeth's S26 Mama Club. I know it may be stale news on the event but I think the content on nutrition and how you can make giving milk continuously to your toddler interesting and yummy is a topic that would never be outdated.

mama and jada
the apple of my eye...

I think when it comes to our baby's nutrition, a lot of us mommies would really put a lot of stress into it. However, as the baby grows up, I see a lot of parents becoming very lenient and allowing their kids to eat whatever they want just because it is convenient. I mean, rather than having to deal with a crying toddler who refuses his/her meal, at least the toddler is eating something, right?

raise healthy eaters
your thoughts?

I will not delve too deep into the food/nutrition pyramid because that is easily found on the net. What caught my attention was the talk given by the dietitian on a good way to sustain milk-drinking among our growing up kids. We all know how milk is so important to fulfil our kids' dietary needs but after awhile some of us can see our kids losing interest in milk and prefer juices or other types of food.

lead by example
it all begins with us, as parents...

So, one way to sustain our kids' interest in milk would be for us folks to be creative. Here, the dietitian showed us mommies how we can add other nutritious ingredients to fortify and enhance the taste while making milk look yummy and totally cool.

Can you see the stuff on the table? Use the normal milk you would do for your child, add live yoghurt as it contains live cultures good for your kid's digestion, add fruits like strawberries or mango or even banana, add some almonds if you like, add a little bit of honey for that additional healthy sweetener and blend them all together. Serve it chilled or you can even serve it in the ice-cream moulds you can buy from Ikea and freeze them so that it can be enjoyed as ice-cream later - all these healthy for your child and yummy homemade.

trying out yoghurt drink
here, the kids had a go at it and I think they all really liked the taste of their usual 'milk'

I was really intrigued with this part of the talk because as Jada is turning 4, her teachers did tell me her interest in her usual milk has somewhat waned. I have yet to see that factor at home as she still asks us for her regular dose of milk. I think her current milk by Pediasure is pretty yummy and assures her a complete nutrition perfect for her growing needs. But, if she does start to show any sign of disinterest towards her milk, I thought this tip is really helpful.

Do you have any other tips to ensure our kids get their daily nutrition? Would you like to share?

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