Saturday, July 7, 2012

Myth: Expensive Foundation Will Make You Look Prettier. True or False?

This has always been the question posed by so many women out there and I've heard it ever since I started dabbling into the beauty habit - Does the more expensive foundations create a better outcome to an already troubled or flawed skin?

Now before I answer the question in great length, I would like to say that yes, as much as I believe that the more expensive brands have better formulation and R&D to give you a better-looking skin and lasting hold almost problem-free, I do think that you have got to start with a good foundation to how you manage your skin. And when I say foundation, I mean going back to basic - double cleanse, tone, a good serum and moisturiser... and that twice weekly scrub and purifying + hydrating mask.

Although makeup is like art where you paint on top of a canvas, our skin unfortunately, is a complicated form of canvas where what you put on top of it throughout the years, determine the end texture of the canvas. Some of us work extra hard to get a good canvas while some of us just need to drink 2 litres of water a day to keep our skin clear.

If you do not invest in a good skin care, you will not have a canvas good enough to bring in a beautiful result no matter how cheap or expensive the makeup foundation you use. 

Note that good skin care does not necessarily mean expensive. As long as they cleanse your skin thoroughly at the end of the day, make your skin feels dewy soft, make you feel as if your skin glows under the night light before you go to bed and wake up feeling hydrated and refreshed, you are probably doing things right.

Back then when I've only started work and cheap foundations were the only ones I thought was cost effective for me, I would stare in awe at those beautiful glowy skin of women whom I thought had on them expensive foundations. And so, after awhile, I started going after brands like Chanel or Bobbi Brown or even Estee Lauder but I found that I kept having to look for the right foundation that could give me that same effect. They all didn't make my skin look dewy soft or glowy, my clogged pores were visible and my skin look patchy. So, that was where I got it wrong. I should instead take care of my skincare regime, have those regular facials suited for my skin problems and be diligent in my skincare habits. 

So, note that the utmost foundation that you'd need to look after seriously is really the most basic - skincare. Once you have got that straightened out, no matter what type of makeup foundation you use, they will all just glide smoothly.

Do you agree? Give me your thoughts....


Puteri said...

for me now, it's as easy as vitamin E, B complex, and vitamin C!

thehehehe..i wish i am rajin like you to do all the routines :))

oh that reminds me, mesti cari scrub yg best u kasi tu..kheil? khai? haha tak reti nk eja...

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I agree with you 100%! Without a good skin base, you can forget about any foundation looking good. That said, there are some that do help things along, and they could come from the high or low end of the price spectrum. But always start with skin because once you have that sorted, the rest will just glide on

toughcookie said...

Babe, if I am so rajin like you and be so disciplined with all those supplements + air satu botol beso, I am sure my skin will look just as good as yours.

Hehe... Kiehl's... haritu ada 1 month promo where you get RM10 off for products more than RM100.

toughcookie said...

thanks for sharing your thought. I am just surprised that women these days still think that an expensive foundation is the only solution to their skin woes ;)

emly2175 said...

U got it right on this dear! I too was hhaving the same thought before. And one needs to pay more intention to the skincare ingredients. too much chemicals ingredients r not good. best to find natural ones.

MisSmall said...

Couldn't agree more! When I was younger I made the same mistake of choosing cosmetics over skincare because it's a quick fix, you get to cover up all the imperfections at once. But that's definitely the wrong concept, a good skincare regimen is vital. Though for a lazy bugger like me, regular facial treatments is the answer. :p

tiffanyfung said...

I try not to foundation and I only wear sunscreen for daily basis becoz I think makeup can "harm" my skin in a long way. :) and i believe..the better your skn is, the less foundation you need:)