Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting all excited about the Avent Special Edition Baby Blue and Pink bottles.

I'm not really in the mood for any serious post. So, today I shall share about the little little things that can make a mommy feel excited and cheerful about ;P

i bring you..... *drum rolls* -- tadaa -- Avent coloured bottles *applause all around*

Ok, you must think I am so lame...

Well, maybe I am. Heh.

First of all, I love everything cosmetic. For my stuff, I mean. I love them cosmetic features on my mobile phone, on my bags, almost anything, really. And this one, for my loved ones... for my sweet cutie pies. Like hullow.... enough of those clear plastic bottles... I want colours to make my life more exciting and well, colourful!

special ed
Aren't they really pretty?? But what really got me excited was this fact... and just look at the 2 photos below...

this is the one a lovely friend *wink atcha* got for me, from Takashimaya Singapore a few months back... look at the price tag.

and this was what I saw on our local stores. again, look at the price tag *grits teeth* *grits teeth even harder*

Like seriously, I can never understand the huge price difference on baby products in Malaysia as compared to Singapore. When I had to travel for work constantly to Singapore back then, I would bring back tonnes of baby stuff, including the Avent isis IQ duo pump... it's mind boggling. Oh, if you think that these bottles can be bought at a sale here in our local shores, you better keep waiting til the cows come home. 

The coloured bottles never go on sale even during our local sale and promotions. I just can't understand why. And, these special ed bottles are just so hard to find. I first saw it in my favourite 'The First Years' store in the Curve more than a year ago. I thought they were so expensive but decided to grab them when I come the next time. But, when I went there again, I was shocked to find out that the bottles were all snapped up and they didn't bring them in again. So, yes, they are expensive but there are actually other mommies like me who are crazy enough to purchase them, no?

I mean, yeah... they're so costly and all but they are just so wonderful if you have two little kids like mine and you have that tendency to use the wrong bottle while trying to grab it fast to prepare milk for those impatient little ones. With these coloured bottles, I know instantly the blue is for my little boy and the pink is for my sweetheart little pwincesh.

spot the pink and the blue ;P

And having friends who do not mind carrying stuff for you all the way from SG is such a gift! Hmmm... isn't it the Great Singapore sale now.... shall I get summore??......

Have you seen them bottles around? Do you get super excited like me from these little little things? ;P

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