Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lancome Génifique Youth Activator and Love on Mother's Day

What would come to your mind when you think of your mother?? ;) 

On this year's Mother's Day, I can't help but to think of how my mom had influenced my whole lifetime in terms of beauty and beauty care. 

Yes, beauty is not just from what you see externally, beauty is from within. But other than that, you can't possibly just live on that belief and expect people to accept you as is. We are all humans, after all and it is quite important to create a good first impression before others can start to look into our inner beauty. Hence, among the things she taught me was to take care of my skin from a young age.

She started buying for me some cheap moisturiser, then known as Oil of Ulan (it was Oil of Olay in the US) when I turned 12. I turned 12 in December and was already ready for Form 1, and I felt like a grown up just from being able to slather cream on my face the way mom would do twice a day.

She also taught me the most valuable lesson which I find it priceless especially now when I am in my late 30's - to never frown. I don't frown and even if I do, I do not have any frown lines on my forehead :) she taught me since young that if I do need to look up, I should instead tilt my head up so that I could see what I was looking without creating frown lines. Although this advise helps me a lot in the aging department, when it comes to acting in front of the camera for an ad I was doing for my client back when I was in the advertising industry, I failed to show emotions because my forehead and the area in between my 2 brows looked as if they were injected with botox. Hehe.

My mom had also taught me by example that no matter what we women do, we should at least prioritise the type of skincare and brands that we use. She would save a lot just so that she could indulge in expensive skincare and facials. It paid off so well because she aged really slowly and her skin was flawless.

Through the years and once she retired from work, she unfortunately stopped taking care of her skin but I always made sure she got some good stocks of skincare. Of course, most of the time, I would slack off and may forget to stock up for her but on her part, she also felt it wasn't important for her to take care of her skin because it isn't a priority any more. So far, she has only been using basic care - to cleanse and moisturise and that was enough for her.

So, when Lancome gave me the opportunity to jumpstart her skincare routine about a month ago, I was excited. I mean, what a great Mother's Day gift this could be for her... to present her with the highly acclaimed Génifique a Youth Activator.

I got to try it too and although I've heard that it could cause breakout among some people, thankfully, it has worked pretty well for me.

The Génifique Youth Activator is Lancome's record-breaking skincare product which has won over 100 prizes internationally. Over 7 million units have been sold worldwide and it is said that the longer one uses it, the more effective it gets. This is thanks to its genetics or genomics technology that allows the product to work along the skin proteins. It claims to offer visible results in just 7 days giving you an anti-ageing effectiveness and improvement in skin quality, texture and hydration

The Génifique is a pre-serum (which you need to use before your usual serum). It comes in a liquid form, non-greasy and would absorb almost immediately after application.

To ensure that this pre-serum works well, I had included an anti-ageing serum, a whitening serum and whitening cream for my mother to use about 2 weeks before incorporating Génifique into her skincare routine. After one week of use, she mentioned that she did notice an improvement in skin appearance - almost radiant like. Youthful might be too strong of a word for what she is seeing but she definitely agrees that it probably made her skin glowy... and the anti-ageing serum seemed to get absorbed better and much faster than before. Thus, the skin feels better hydrated.

As for me, within the first week of use, I may not see any noticeable improvement but I think in terms of how my skin felt when I touch it, I believe this pre-serum helps in smoothening out the acne marks on my jawline.

It is such a wonderful thing to be sharing beauty advice again after so long. That was one of the areas that bond us together. The best thing was, this gift may be one of the best gift a daughter could give to a mother... because by the time Mother's Day came today, her skin looks so much better. It's been awhile since people thought we were sisters... who knows how long after using this product we would again be seen as sisters ;P

What did you give your mother for Mother's Day? Do you share beauty secrets together too?

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