Friday, May 4, 2012

Smoked Gouda Cheese - my [other] one true love...

Since it is looking like a truly relaxing Friday, I would wanna talk about something nice and relaxing too :)

Cheese... Have you ever tried this before?

I love them smoked gouda cheese. When I spoke to a friend from a country with the widest variety of cheese (can you guess which country?), he said that smoked gouda cheese is not really considered cheese in his homeland. Simply because it doesn't taste too much like cheese... 

I gotta tell you that although I do consume cheese, I basically hate their smell. I can't stand the pungent smell of cheese. My 2 boys love them though and it gets me a little crazy when I start to smell cheese in the house.

So, when a friend of mine let me have some smoked gouda that her friend brought back from Holland, I was hooked! Like so hooked. It is so delicious... can be eaten on its own, put together in between your normal boring crackers but especially perfect when eaten in a sandwich with hot vegetable soup *yuummsss* and it doesn't have that typical strong smell of a cheese too!

These beauty ain't that cheap though... I managed to find these perfectly cut cheese only in Cold Storage BSC, 1 Utama or the Curve and nowhere else. And they don't come very often. Once it is out, it could take me another 6 months or more to find it again. It's bad!! ;P

When it cannot be found that long, I'd have to satiate my want by getting a block smoked cheese that would look almost similar but one that involves a lot of patience as I'd need to cut the block into pieces. It isn't an easy task.

This one pack would cost around RM25-26 and probably has about 7-8 slices. But it isn't something that I can indulge on a daily basis because it is still cheese and has that rich taste. In fact, there was one day when I was a little paranoid at having consumed it too frequently that I decided to google up any health benefit contained in smoked gouda cheese... 

Apparently it could be one of the healthier choice and I shall leave it as that :)

Recently, I've been left high and dry for almost 9 months and was terribly ecstatic when I was finally rekindled with my true love *drama mode*. As you can see on the photo above, there are plenty of choices for other types of cheese but the area for them smoked gouda cheese has almost depleted.


How about you? Do you like cheese? Any specific types that you can never live without??


Acat said...

I know the answer. I know the answer.

toughcookie said...

en Acat my Mr Oosband,
yes... you know the answer because i just told you the answer hehe...