Monday, March 5, 2012

Crystal Clear Skin with Lancome's Derm-Crystal, Crystal Brightness Activating Essence

It's pretty tough to read what's written under the words, BLANC EXPERT, right? Well, that's probably because that's almost to that effect the new product promises to deliver - crystal clear looking skin.

I have always had a soft spot for Blanc Expert because this was the first whitening range I used and I thought their spot eraser truly worked to lighten my old acne marks and evening out my skin tone. And I remembered how easy it was using their whitening range because they do not require you to use too many products the way many other brands would.

Very recently, Lancome launched Derm-CrystalTM, a crystal brightness activating essence in their Blanc Expert range. Come to think of it, I believe they never had any whitening serum before this, other than the spot eraser, right? (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)...

A few bloggers (moi included) were given the honour to be the first to discover what Derm-CrystalTM is all about. And when it was unveiled to us, I guess many of us were a little skeptical (moi included too!)... I mean, you have every single skincare company tell you what their whitening/brightening serum can do to the skin's deeper layers but when I use them, I don't see much difference other than just a little improvement that probably can be achieved with clever makeup tricks.

Furthermore, when they explained some of the main ingredients used in this crystal serum, I thought they sounded too simple - ingredients like soy, sunflower seed, peppermint and rose. Of course, they also have those regular ingredients we would come across many brightening formula like Vitamin C (which they called, Actyl C, a formulation exclusive to Lancome) and salicylic acid but yeah... they sounded just normal.

Skepticism aside, I was still curious to find out how well this liquidy serum fare. I kept reminding myself how well the spot eraser worked on my skin at one time years back and I was hoping that this serum is not just an addition to the range.

If you must know, the soy and sunflower extracts can help us achieve an ideal luminous and bright skin. The soy extract can assist in the stimulation of new collagen while the sunflower extract can help prevent darkening (or yellowing) of the skin. The rose and mint extracts apparently help calm the skin and I guess for me, the mint extract may also help make skin feels fresher, no?

In any whitening/brightening skincare launch, we would always be educated on how our skin works, scientifically, the dermal layers. This is so interesting to me, as I always put to use the biology subject I took well into my matriculation years. Scientifically, what they presented to me may sound a little over the top but I guess with research and findings in the laboratory, these findings may not be highly illogical either.

This was a clever way of them showing to us how clarity of the skin can be achieved by shining the light to a transparent box filled with 'crystals' as opposed to skin's fibre that's not being taken cared (as per the box on the right) ;P it's just a clever gimmick that I thought was fun to watch.

By targeting the furthest epidermal layer, your skin will possibly reveal its "inner light" making you glow from within.

Well, I'd like to say that the curiosity in me killed the cat and I put aside my usual whitening serum that night after the event... only after one application, I must say, I was stunned... hehe... will update that in another, entry, shall we?

Blanc Expert range
L-R: cleanser, toner, spot eraser, Derm-CrystalTM, moituriser (lotion), moisturiser (day cream), eye serum and well, they were supposed to have the night cream which is dark blue in colour but I just realised that it is the day cream at the most right.

And with the unveiling of the new serum, we were all also shown the new packaging of the Blanc Expert range. I love the new midnight blue. It makes the entire range looks so luxurious, gorgeous and uniformed.

Note the spot eraser on the left side of the serum in the picture above. If you're already using this star product, the combination of both the spot eraser and Derm-CrystalTM will offer exceptional efficacy. Haha... am a little worried of that because how much more luminous can your skin get, right? But let's not laugh until we put it to the test, shall we? And am suddenly already planning to get this product again once I get my next paycheck *wink*

grabbed this from their facebook page

aaand... as per most beauty events, I got the chance to some make-over...

FYI, if you are interested to check out the Blanc Expert Derm-CrystalTM Crystal Brightness Activating Essence, they are only available at the KLCC Concourse Area until tomorrow, 6 March 2012. You will also get to experience many other events on the ground as they can show you their 2-minute aura (you must must try this!), have your skin diagnosed and get some makeup & hair done too.

The Essence which retails at RM350 for 30ml will be available nationwide mid-March onwards.

And, if you're lucky, any purchase of Derm-CrystalTM will allow you the chance to win one of the three Derm-Crystal inspired Carven Ong dresses which he designed especially for this launch, only during this promotion. According to them, the dress is worth some RM4k o.O

Are you a fan of whitening products? Have you checked this one out yet?


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Mmm I'm on a whitening binge at this moment too so I'm really curious to see how this one works! As for that dress, I don't like the way the material loops around the boobs with the crystals and all :P I think Carven Ong could do better :P said...

As a fan of whitening stuff, I am of course excited to see if this will really work or not, esp to suppress my darkspots underneath.

Jean said...

I actually posted our photo on my fb. =p
mine to give me your email so i can send you a copy of the photo? =D

toughcookie said...

Paris B,
haha i suddenly get what you mean about the dress! lol!

yes, shall update on the product soon.

toughcookie said...

have you used it already?

toughcookie said...

oh, i thought i gave you my card with the email address details... guess i forgot. its thanks so much!

don't think i saw any fb link on your blog. what's your address? :D