Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shiseido's Maquilllage True Rouge Lipstick

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I got the opportunity to try out the new True Rouge from Shiseido's Maquillage collection at the recent launch. Initially, I was truly excited to try it when I was informed of the buzz elsewhere. In fact, my excitement was also due to the existing single item I own from the Maquillage range which I so love.

Now you already know how I felt about the signature packaging of the Maquillage range which I thought looked weird. The True Rouge, though, is kinda unique. Yes, it still has that octagonal basic structure but what I liked about this tube is that it gives out a 'pop' sound akin to when you open up a champagne bottle. You know... when you let air out from an air-tight container. Am I making any sense??

Secondly, the tube comes in a nice metal casing that feels luxurious - not those cheap thin flimsy material. It's thick, luxuriously black and pretty sturdy to the grip.

Then, the lipstick is shaped in a unique form where the double slant-end gives you that perfect fit to colour your lips in just one swipe. Apparently, the angled shape is cut to fit the angle and curve of most lips... and it may be true.

Well, those are the plus points of the True Rouge. However, formulation wise, though it claims to be moisturising, long-lasting and gives your lips a plump-like appearance, I don't think all those points worked in my favour. Yes, the lipstick is easy to apply but when my lips are dry to begin with, I feel that the True Rouge is not moisturising enough unless I first apply lip balm. I don't think it lasted that long compared to other lipsticks I am used to wearing that do not have a similar promise and it doesn't make my lips look any fuller. I am not sure why... could it be due to a colour that does not complement me or could it be that it is more suited for normal lips without any problems?

The truth is, I keep comparing this to the Shimmering Rouge and I feel that that lipstick is far more superior than True Rouge in terms of hydration, long hold and plumped up feeling. With Shimmering Rouge, I can just apply it direct on my patchy rough dry lips (I have naturally dry lips) and it could just smoothen and moisten my lips for hours. The colour would stay vibrant and I don't need to touch up after a meal and drinks. Therefore, I do not think the True Rouge works as well.

ingredient true rouge
the ingredients to True Rouge.

another product, the Maquillage Moisture Base UV to be reviewed.

Have you checked out the True Rouge? Do you like it?

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plue said...

oh dear am sorry to hear this doesn't work as well as shimmering rouge :(

but at least now u know shimmering rouge is THE ONE for you! :P