Saturday, March 31, 2012

The CrocsTone™ Julia Flat in Cotton Candy/Burgundy

Previously, I only own a pair of Crocs. And I bought it like 5 years ago when Crocs was a must have. It is that flat looking sandals with plenty of holes and although I wouldn't be caught dead wearing such a hideous looking footwear, I thought it was quite comfy and cool ;) Of course, I only wore it for a couple of months and it went straight back into the shoe box only to be worn on rare occasions like when I went on a beach holiday or a swim in the pool downstairs.

Now, with two recent really heavy pregnancies and lugging around my babies almost everywhere, there is no way for me to go back to my sexy gorgeous heels without feeling weighed down - my back would ache and my feet would hurt after a regular walk in shopping malls. I've tried wearing back my heels and the feeling isn't the same anymore :(

So, during one visit to the mall and Mr Oosband checking out a new pair of Crocs, I fell in love when I saw this pair of Mary Janes...

See the textured sole? They are amazingly comfortable and so cushiony, it's like walking on air!

See the sculpted contours of the base? The material of the Flat ensures that there is enough friction when you walk.

And, according to the info I got from Crocs Malaysia's website, the details of this sculpted outsole, called the Toning ring is designed to help moderate movement.

Basically, with the CrocsTone™ Julia Flat, you won't only look cute in it but you would also enjoy toning benefits as well. This, wasn't informed to me by the sales people but it was really a pleasant surprise to discover its benefits after months of use.

As taken from their website, "the CrocsTone™ Julia Flat is a fully molded Croslite™ material flat with sculpted outsole which creates a rocker effect while you walk, initiating key muscle activity to provide toning benefits" - I am not very sure if this really works but I do feel some form of pressure on my thighs when I walk in them ;P

"Comfortable, lightweight Croslite™ material footbed provides all-day comfort. Toning ring provides stability and support."

The Julia Flat retails at RM229 and comes in 2 other colours - Black/Aegean Blue and Silver/Dahlia but they both do not look very flattering.

the signature icon of every Crocs shoes ;)

I only wish that the shoes include at least 2 of them holes in each side so that I could personalise them by using their popular Jibbitz™. But really, this must be the most comfy flats I've ever worn because the base is not totally flat. I think we all have some form of contours on our feet and they are not flat. With ballerina flats, my feet will hurt as much as if I have high heels on me and this discovery with the Julia Flat was so timely.

Have you tried them on? And do you know that you can obtain your favourite pair of Crocs in your size from their Malaysian online shopsite? It includes free shipping.


plue said...

that's nice to know that it comes with toning benefits, kinda feels like fitflops that paris and bee loves :)

but i guess the plus point is that this is somewhat like a pair of shoe and pretty much okay for work if workplace doesn't permit fitflops :D

toughcookie said...

yes, and as light as air ;)

Puteri said...

My pregnancy must have! said...

i have friends who love their mary jane too! do your feet sweat in those? i can't stand shoes without good ventilation ><