Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baskin-Robbins New Yogurt Smoothies

Sheer joy
the sheer joy!

You all know how much I enjoy my indulgence with Baskin Robbins. It never really started with ice creams actually... my first love that brought me to their little store along Sungai Dua area in Penang was for their Mocha Blast. I thought their ice creams were a little too sweet for my liking back then but their blasts (Mocha or Capuccino) made me love them to bits.

When I met Mr Oosband, I was surprised that he'd order their fruit blast instead of ice cream.

Yesterday, I was told that Baskin Robbins has now expanded their menu and recently launched a range of deliciously sweet Yogurt Smoothies that are packed with live, active cultures. This means, you get somewhat a healthy dose of juice to not only prevent gastrointestinal infections, but help boost your immune system and reduce cholesterol, among other benefits.

Baskin Robbins smoothies
this was what I got to try... L-R (top): Strawberry Banana & Mango
L-R (bottom): Strawberry & Mixed Berries

and these are the promo images...

I thought it was a good move by Baskin Robbins to introduce these smoothies. Not only is it supposed to be healthy for you, it could also make you feel full but still full of energy until your next meal. Not everyone goes to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and this is quite a good alternative. Furthermore, I see so many outlets offering healthy beverages that's supposed to offer a quick fix for hunger pangs... especially when cafes/eateries in busy malls during lunch time makes it almost impossible for you to find a place to sit. And when you do get your seat, the dish you order takes ages to arrive. Hence, I see more and more people turning to healthy and filling juices or smoothies like this.

My only concern is the sweetness of the smoothies. They're really sweet. I raised a point that no matter how healthy it is, I am not too sure if it is suitable for little kids especially those hyper ones... it might give them a little more than a surge of energy. So, if you parents are always giving your little kids that dose of healthy live cultured drinks like vitagen, I would say stick to it :)

The best part of these refreshing smoothies though, it is quite safe for those of you who are mildly lactose intolerant. The live cultures found in yoghurt breaks down lactose in milk, allowing you to enjoy and receive nutrients contained in milk products without the side effects.

For me, if I do go for the yoghurt smoothie, it would be due to a plain and simple excuse - DIET :D

The Yoghurt Smoothie is priced at RM16 (regular size) or RM12 (small size), subject to 6% GST.

Bright choice voucher

And if you ladies (ladies only, unfortunately) purchase a yoghurt smoothie from today until 30 April 2012, BR is giving away their BRight Choices voucher that will allow you to upgrade your junior scoop ice cream to a regular scoop when you purchase any flavours from the BRight Choices range (these include Frozen Yogurts, Low Fat & No Sugar Added).

Do you like BR as much as I do?

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