Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me...

Today, I turn another year wiser (I think!)... a day to reflect on what I have went through, the life lessons that would either toughen me up or make me feel totally hopeless.

I believe that we set out our own paths in life based on our beliefs, what we like, what we don't.

I am easily affected by people who come to me for help because I am empathetic and would do everything I can to assist them but I guess I've learnt that most of the time, not everyone comes to you for help although they think they do. Help is something that a lot of people need to accomplish on their own because a lot of people don't really need to be rescued by people other than their own selves. Therefore, I've adopted a stand that I'd need to first help myself in order for me to stand strong for my family, who needs me to be there for them at all times.

I've also learnt that friends can be a bigger supporter, sometimes stronger than family members. Hence, I am forever grateful to those people who have taught me a thing or two about life experiences and continue to support me in most of the steps I take.

Best of all, I think I've come to an age where I feel that my family is everything to me and that everything I do involves considering how the decisions I make will affect all of us... and so, I am forever thankful to the man who is always behind me in all the decisions I make, who continues to push me to be a better person, for us to build a stronger future together and always showing me that there is nothing too difficult that cannot be overcome.

Here's to the wonderful achievements - another year passed with so many wishes fulfilled.

And for a great start to another year wiser, what better way than to rejuvenate and refresh one's senses with the first gift I got from a friend yesterday, from the Christmas set by Loccitane.

To those who matter, I love you all :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Have a wonderful day and celebration!

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Happy Birthday!! Those are gorgeous gifts and you absolutely deserve all the happiness you get. Time to shed all the unpleasantness. Too many people to want us down but we gotta stand up coz that really pisses them off right? ;) Have a wonderful day *hugs*

plue said...

happy belated birthday my dear girl! you deserve all the love and happiness you can get :)

toughcookie said...

thank you, girls!!! looking forward to seeing you all again :D