Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, Lotion, Shampoo & Wash, Nourishing Oil and Skin Cream.

Burt's Bees isn't new to my family as my eldest son has been using its lotion. It was a pleasant discovery as I instantly trusted my gut that its honey and shea butter content may be a winning combo when I was browsing their products at their outlet in The Curve. We found that it is an excellent alternative for eczema sufferers as it helps eliminate the issues of terribly dry, itchy and scaly skin without the use of steroid creams.

Recently though, when I gave birth to little JR, my best pal gave me this pack to try, from their Baby Bee range.

First of all, let me be frank here - I hate the smell of the lotion (normal range) that my eldest son is using. Yes, it works in helping him with his skin condition but the smell is waaay too strong. He loves the smell, though, coming from someone who can never really use any skincare products that contain fragrance but damn... the smell of shea butter really irks me.

L-R: The lotion, shampoo & wash, diaper ointment and nourishing oil.

The Baby Bee lotion didn't surprise me at all as it smells all too familiar. The nourishing oil is even worse! I do not understand how they think a newborn can feel all too comfortable or relaxed with such a strong unpleasant scent. But since the lotion is good, we have used it on little JR.

As for the nourishing oil, we're keeping it away unless really necessary.

What really caught me by surprise was the smell of the shampoo & wash and diaper ointment. If you like aromatherapeutic scents, these definitely score a good 100%! They smell very soothing and relaxing but if you layer on the lotion, its nice smell will be overpowered.

Ok, I may be a little over the top in this comment because the smell doesn't bother Mr Oosband at all. So, I guess it depends on your preference.

And because I am pretty much happy with the baby products, I went out and stock up these...

Now, I must say that this could be the best diaper ointment in the market for your baby's nappy area. I have always trusted the Bepanthen for a healthy, problem-free baby bottom. But, if you want your baby to stay asleep longer especially at night, the Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment will keep your baby's butt exceptionally dry.

It is thick and creamy that only a small amount is needed. At times, when little JR wets his diaper, I don't even need to reapply if I use a wet tissue to clean him up the second round because the cream would still stick to his bottom and it's as if you're just wiping a layer off.

This little tube costs about RM47.80. I must say, this is my favourite product from the Baby Bee range.

This one is a surprise discovery and so glad that they have another variation of the baby lotion. The scent is definitely better although not that great compared to Buds or Sebamed (Note: I am not comparing this to retail common baby products in the market due to the difference in product content and target group).

The lotion retails at RM56.80 and they have 3 variations - Original, Calming & Fragrance-Free. For its size, I do think it is a good buy.

This one was recommended to us by the sales person. Little JR has those rashes on his cheeks which is similar to what my firstborn had when he was Little JR's age. I have tried everything but nothing works except for the hydrocortisone cream that I shouldn't be too dependent on... hence, I am willing to try anything to help clear out the rash.

Therefore, this skin cream was something I couldn't resist, especially since I believe that Burt's Bees is a good alternative for skins plagued with eczema.

Well, the cream didn't totally get rid of the rash on his cheeks but it did make it better and his cheeks felt so smooth. Best of all, if he swipes his fingers across his cheeks and insert those tiny fingers into his mouth the way he always does, the cream is safe if ingested.

owh those cute little cheeks... ;D

The Skin Cream is very thick and only a little is needed. And since it comes in a tiny tub, you may think it is a little costly, at RM62.80. I must tell you though, that this is a hot-selling item and is usually out of stock.

Since having a child with eczema, I have been very sensitive in the types of products I choose for my babies. I have discovered that many baby products out there contain ingredients that are unsuitable for baby's use, can be harmful to newborns and may even trigger negative reactions. Although many babies are not easily affected and I for one grew up with one of the more popular brands, I am not too keen to take that risk with my babies especially when I saw how difficult and painful it was with my eldest child. Seriously, I will give you that 'wtf' stare if you come and tell me to put on a popular brand's baby oil on my baby's bottom because mineral oil should be a strong no-no for my baby or yours.

Would you say you need this product for your baby or would you just want to get it for the sake of experiencing something better? Does it really matter to you?

P/S: If you think the products are too costly for you but you would want to buy them regardless, you can invest in the first purchase as RM200 in single receipt allows you to be their Privileged member. After that, all your regular-priced purchases are given 10% off, a 30% discount on your birthday month and the usual point redemption scheme with most memberships nowadays. But what I love most about Burt's Bees, is that they encourage you to bring back empty bottles or tubes to their outlets and you'll be rewarded with additional discounts on your next purchase, if I am not mistaken.


Puteri said...

adam has super dry skin (pipi je gebu, elok je moist), aliyah has mild eczema, easily irritated with her own sweat. must check out this brand!

toughcookie said...

Ya please do. Kat KLCC ada. If you want some first time discounts, I can give you my empty tube... dapat additional 10% if i am not mistaken.

Sun said...

Hi! I just bought their skin cream as my six months baby gis having red rashes (doc said it's milk rash) on her cheek and next to her ear. Have you tried buds- super soothing rescue cream? I was using it and it clear off and sooth her skin well, but now it doesn't really seems to work. How's ur son's rashes? Btw.. He is adorable ;)

Leeda said...

we r living in terengganu..huhu mn nk dpt online?

Shiela Mustaffa said...

Hi! For eczema & sensitive skin, can also try Tropika Baby Skin Care products. It's based on virgin coconut oil. It's all natural, no chemicals, no parabens, no SLS & definitely no steroid. For more info can visit FB page - Tropika VCO & Medela Swing Maxi or www.tropikababies.blogspot.sg

Hope this helps :)

Rodriguez said...

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