Saturday, October 29, 2011

The MWS Readers' Choice Awards 2011

It's been too long since I updated and today's event at the My Women Stuff Readers' Choice Awards 2011 is such a good excuse to start updating again :)

I think everyone had a great time today and the organiser had planned a really small crowd to make it more cosy and personal. After all, it is the first ever beauty award done online in this country and everyone who nominated and voted for their favourite brands and products were extremely excited to know who won (and who made the cut).

our very own Paris B of My Women Stuff giving her speech. no prizes for guessing who's the star at the event, judging from all those cameras snapping away...

and I don't remember what was so funny here... i hope everyone was laughing at my statement, not at me huhu.... ;)

I think it is no surprise that the event got a good support from the readers of MWS. I'm surprised that many of those who attended actually knew the rest of those present from the names of commenters on the blog.

Sponsors were also generous. There were 10 lucky draw prizes consisting of a Clinique EDP, Clinique Moisture Surge Cream Gel, a voucher from, 3 vouchers from Apronbay, a spa voucher for 2 from Poise Organic Wellness Studio, Kiehl's Hair Products and 2 very luxurious skincare/fragrance and makeup hamper from Dior. Unfortunately, I didn't win any of them and someone else won what I wanted *sigh*

But, no worries... all of us went home with goodie bags worth at least RM350 each *happiest grin*

these were products that came in different options in each goodie bag... there was another one - the Revlon nail polish that also came in 2 different shades but I gave mine away because I don't use nail polish :)

these are basically what everyone got in a goodie bag. see anything you like?

The products in the goodie bags consist of those from Kiehl's, L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Vichy, Revlon, Pantene, Olay, Himalaya Herbals, Ah Yuan Soap, Esmeria Organics, Hada Labo, Estee lauder, vouchers from ApronBay, Poise Organics Wellness Studio, and handmade jewellery from Sweet Contemplation Accessories based in Australia.

If you'd like to know the winning products, MWS has already published the results.

Were you there at the event?


Connie De Alwis said...

so much fun! aren't the necklaces gorgeous! :D

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Thank you for the post and thank you sooooo much for being an excellent emcee! If we have one next year, I'm booking you early! *hugs*!

toughcookie said...

very pretty. and so happy i came home with 2!! hehe.

toughcookie said...

dear Paris,
I am so glad that you are happy with my services :) and I am grateful that you had allowed my little munchkins to menyebok around. it made my anti-social hubby very happy to be able to just lepak and not having to go anywhere ;)

sure, sure, book me! i will be more than happy to oblige.