Sunday, May 22, 2011

Buying Adventures of Gracie Lou DVDs at - the experience.

This finally arrived on Thursday, about 8 days after I placed the order online.

I bought the two DVDs after I overheard some tunes from Gracie Lou although I didn't truly comprehend the pronunciation from my little pwincesh, Jada. Mr Husband thought it sounded like the song, Hokey Cokey and we instantly browsed some youtube videos of Gracie Lou's songs. However, we couldn't find much on the net. Two days later, I decided to google it up and see where I could purchase the DVDs without much hassle.

Results from googling, brought me to a local online store, I was so excited about the purchase - one, because I could buy them locally and two, because they stated in their web page that the DVDs were available and that I could receive them within 2-4 days after payment is cleared. Since I bought using their direct e-Giro iPay88 system, payment was cleared in an instant and I was looking forward to receiving the package within 2-3 days, as scheduled.

Later that same day, I received an email to say that one of the DVDs was considered 'back-order' (which I have no idea what the heck that was as they didn't provide any explanation) but they promised that they will deliver the DVDs ASAP.

Well, to receive them 8 days after payment was cleared (mind you, purchase was made before 11am) when it is only a local online store, I find that barely acceptable since they did state in their web page that the stock was available when the order was made. If they had stated that there wasn't any stock, I would have checked elsewhere. Furthermore, 8 days would be how long it takes for my orders on StrawberryNet (a service based in HK) to reach me. Hong Kong to Malaysia vs local/domestic service does not fare well to me.

Anyways, that was a good experience and I may not try them out anymore in the future. I am glad, though, that the package arrived and my darling pwincesh was totally excited when I showed her the boxes to the DVDs.

Jada was totally glued to the sofa watching Gracie Lou on TV. Mr Husband and I also suspect that the nursery school we send her to has Gracie Lou sessions since she is quite familiar with many of the songs and she knows the movements to most of the songs. She loved them so much that she held both DVD boxes tightly even when we went to Giant to buy groceries that night. It felt so good to know that she truly enjoys the songs.

Mr Husband even went overboard by ripping both discs into his iPad so that she can enjoy the songs anywhere, anytime. In fact, as she is able to play the videos on the iPad, she no longer asks for Playhouse Disney on TV. Hence, we have now been able to take over our TV sessions haha... clever, no?

As per any online shopping experience, I think it will always be a trial and error for those shops we are not familiar about. Frankly, I love shopping online because I think they are so convenient - you don't need to go out of the house, there are no parking hassle and less time wasted to look for stuff. Best of all, the things you buy are delivered directly to your doorstep.

I know I will never stop checking out online shopping sites but I know I will definitely take note of those worthy or otherwise.


Amy said...

Cuteness la Jada ni, dgn short hairnya. Geramm!

toughcookie said...

dear amy,
hehe thank you... i always thought little girls look cute in long hair until i cut her hair short. rupanya rambut pendek lagi adorable with her chubby cheeks :)