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CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra (Normal or Toric), get your 5-day trial supply.

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When I was asked to test out some daily contact lenses I was intrigued by the offer. First of all, I can tell you that I’ve been wearing contact lenses for the longest of time – since I was 15, actually, as my power increased too much since 3 years before that and the specialist in HUKM at that time recommended that I be put on prescribed lenses. Back then, one pair of lenses to be worn daily, would have a life span of at least 1 year and the cleaning solutions were quite complicated as there was the cleanser (washing liquid), lots of saline to be used to rinse after cleaning, and that bi-weekly enzymatic tablets to rid the lenses off deposits build-up which could harm the eyes in the long run. 

Come more than 20 years later, I’m still using contact lenses to correct my myopic problems which has somewhat stabilised after using contact lenses. And the best part about living in the technology era, I am able to discard those one-year span lenses and replace them with crisp, high oxygen content contact lenses that are either for daily, fortnightly or monthly use. Ideally I would much prefer a daily disposable contact lens because I’d like to put on a clean, fresh lens the next day. However, it may be too expensive to use if you wear contact lenses on a regular basis... the thought of throwing away good quality soft lenses on a daily basis would ring alarm bells too.

So, the only daily disposable lenses I’ve indulged in would be those coloured lenses which I do not use on a daily basis but rather just on special occasions. Recently though, as I was going for my Europe trip, I thought I should invest in daily lenses so that I do not have to carry any contact lens solution and that contact lens case which I’d always forget to pack. It’s a known fact that daily contact lenses provide the best comfort to the wearer since it is thrown away after use hence it’s clean and fresh each time you use. I discovered CooperVision while browsing online for good deals on contact lenses and decided to give them a try. However, at that time, they had a good deal on their normal Biomedics 1 day Extra daily lenses even though I would usually use toric lenses as I have slight astigmatism. So, I purchased the normal daily lenses.

This time trying out their CooperVision Biomedics 1 day Extra toric, I am surprised that the toric lenses are so much more comfortable. It hardly feels like I’m wearing anything and my eyes feel less fatigue after using it for 11 hours. Of course, I won’t recommend that you wear it for longer than 10 hours because long use of contact lenses in the long term could put strain on your eye curvature, as I’ve been informed in one of my eye-checks not too long ago. I try to use contact lenses as short as possible and sometimes just on alternate days but having so much work and getting so caught up with the hectic demands of my daily schedule can make it quite a challenge. And wearing contact lenses is so much more convenient than having thick heavy glasses sitting on my nose.

Anyway, I’m sure many people would like to know about CooperVision after reading the paragraphs above. I mean, I myself have never heard of them until I went to check on the promotions of contact lenses online. 

CooperVision is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses. Apart from daily lenses, they also have other types of lenses. If you want to read about them, you can click on the link here and the history of their company, here. I always like to read of a company’s history because I need to know how far back they’ve gone to be able to trust their products.

Biomedics® 1 day Extra toric offers all the great aspects of disposable toric lenses for those with astigmatism. These daily toric contact lenses are the perfect choice for regular use or for sports and special occasions.

With the daily lens, you get comfortable daily toric lens wearing experience without the hassle of having to clean and store your lenses. More info at

Benefits of Biomedics 1 Day Extra:
- Delivers excellent comfort and visual acuity with stable toric lens design
- One of the healthiest disposable contact lens option available - enjoy a fresh pair of lenses every day

From now til 30 April, CooperVision in Malaysia is offering a special trial promotion so that you don’t have to just read what I say, but experience their comfortable daily lenses for yourself, be it the normal lenses or even toric. I’ve tried them both and I truly like the toric version, probably because it corrects my vision more accurately than the normal daily lenses since my myopic issue does require me to wear toric lenses.

For you to enjoy your CooperVision Biomedic 5-day supply of trial lenses, sign up on the link, here (  

Feel free to share your views on them here too :)

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