Friday, May 20, 2011

MacBook Air 11" shell case.

This post may be a little late but what the heck...

To all MacBook Air owners, especially the 11" version, it has been pretty much frustrating trying to obtain any protective casing suitable for it. I bought mine in December 2010 and all the while with numerous visits to the Malaysia or Singapore online stores or the Machines and Mac City retail outlets would always end up with me cursing why the need for so many types and versions of casing for the iPad or iPhone but none for MacBook Air. Even asked Mr Husband's friend in the UK to get one for me before they flew back home but they were out of stock. Like wth??

So, all this time I had to be satisfied with the spongy-rubbery cover of a 10" netbook. Not very nice but it would have to do for the time being.

However, much to my glee, Mr Husband finally saw the shell casing for my Mr Vin, the name I call my beloved and trusted MacBook Air, some time a month ago :)

so this is how it usually look like (picture above taken from

the more metrosexual Mr Vin now ;P

i love how pink it looks that i am considering a name change - Candy, perhaps?

I must admit, I was too excited about it and didn't bother to even have a look at it, totally trusting Mr Husband to grab one before it runs out of stock. He told me over the phone that there were other colours like clear, black, blue, orange and this pink. I didn't want an unattractive pink but compared to the other colours, I guess pink sounded better. So, there you have it.

I saw many of them Speck shell casings for users of MacBook Air now in many of the Mac retail stores, so go get one. I am just surprised that they took so long to bring it into our shores and very limited variations as well.

And oh, the shell casing retails at RM148.

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